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    Walter, Korpi
    The development of the modern welfare state is one of the major social and political changes in the Western countries during the past century. Together with a group of colleagues at the Swedish [nstitt|te for Social Research, Stockbolm University, l have for some time been involved in a comparative study of tbis change in 18 OECD countries. The purpose of this comparative researcb programme is to describe welfare state development in the Western countries, to attempt to explain tbis development, and also to look at some of the consequences of welfare state development.I To use the vocabulary of T. H. Marshall (1950) one coutd say that we are studying the...

  2. Persistent Deprivation in the European Union. EPAG Working Paper 23, 1996

    Whelan, Christopher T.; Layte, Richard; Maitre, Bertrand
    In recent years, the use of direct measures of deprivation alongside current income has shown that the latter provide a rather imperfect measure of permanent income or command over resources. Research has shown though that the relationship between income and deprivation increases if panel measures of income are used to highlight persistent income poverty. In this paper we confirm this relationship before moving on to the analysis of panel measures of deprivation and the relationship between persistent income and persistent deprivation poverty measures. Our analysis shows that that while there is a clear and systematic relationship between persistent poverty and persistent deprivation, the degree of overlap is far...


    Geary, R. C.
    One of the episodes in a long lifetime in statistics which, on recoiiection,,gives the writer most satisfaction was a forthright attack he delivered many years ago at ~a~Dublin Rotary Club Luncheon on Opini0n-type polls. The immediate provocation was a banner headline in a newspaper "XY Poll Does It Again"m in a UK general election. The argument ran that as XY prophesied that Labour would poll 49 per cent of the votes when the actual poll turned out to be 5o per cent (both figures imaginary) this represented an error of"only .I p e,rcent ."~ It was easy to point out the falsityof this claim: no one in his senses.wouldhave...

  4. Quel est le but de notre engagement en Afghanistan? = What is the goal of engagement in Afghanistan? Egmont Commentary, 2 September 2008

    Biscop, Sven
    No abstract.

  5. Beaucoup de présidents en Europe = Many presidents in Europe. Egmont Commentary, 25 June 2009

    de Schoutheete, Philippe
    The three presidents to be elected (President of the Commission, president of the Council and high representative) and an ambiguous treaty of Lisbon, they should live in harmony to avoid a paralysis of the European Institutions says Philippe de Schoutheethe.

  6. Un Haut Représentant a besoin d’une Grande Stratégie = The High Representative in need of a Grand Strategy. Egmont Commentary, 6 January 2010

    Biscop, Sven
    No abstract.

  7. La retraite stratégique de l’Union européenne = The strategic retreat of the European Union. Egmont Commentary, 14 October 2011

    Renard, Thomas
    No abstract.

  8. L’Italie est désormais seule face au marché = Italy is now alone in the market. Egmont Commentary, 1 March 2013

    Bosch, Xavier Vanden
    Les élections italiennes font resurgir les interrogations quant au soutien effectif de la Banque Centrale Européenne pour prévenir une augmentation des taux d’emprunts publics.

  9. Revoir la trajectoire budgétaire ne signifie pas relâcher l’effort = Revisiting the budget path does not mean relaxing the effort. Egmont Commentary, 21 February 2013

    Bosch, Xavier Vanden
    Pour mieux tenir compte des faibles perspectives de croissance et assurer la crédibilité de la trajectoire budgétaire, la Belgique devrait reformuler l’objectif d’équilibre en termes structurels et non plus nominaux.

  10. Le pari de Monsieur Cameron = The bet of Mr. Cameron. Egmont Commentary, 16 February 2013

    de Schoutheete, Philippe
    Europe La presse britannique a constaté, à juste titre, que la politique européenne annoncée dans le récent discours du Premier ministre britannique se définit comme un double pari. Il parie qu’il obtiendra de ses partenaires européens des concessions, modifiant un certain nombre de politiques convenues, ou de décisions agréées, qui ne conviennent plus à l’opinion publique de son pays. Il parie ensuite que ces concessions futures, présumées substantielles, suffiront à gagner, en 2017, un referendum qu’il se propose d’organiser sur le maintien du Royaume-Uni dans l’Union européenne…

  11. La vente de BNPP Fortis : l’Europe ou le symbolisme les chiffres? = The sale of BNPP Fortis: Europe and the symbolism of figures? Egmont Commentary, 20 November 2013

    Bosch, Xavier Vanden
    Suite à la vente par l’Etat belge de sa participation dans BNP Paribas Fortis, des questions se sont posées sur les motivations de l’opération. Au-delà des considérations portant sur la vocation de l’Etat à être actionnaire d’une banque, l’objectif affiché était clairement d’ordre budgétaire. Il était question de dégager des surplus de trésorerie immédiats permettant de réduire le niveau d’endettement public. En particulier, la Belgique s’était fixé l’été dernier l’objectif de refaire passer la dette sous la barre des 100% du PIB cette année. Selon de nombreux commentaires, cette dernière motivation s’expliquerait par la pression exercée par l’Europe par l’entremise...

  12. Supporting press publishers in a digital era. EPC Policy Brief, 26 January 2018

    Tasheva, Iva; Zuleeg, Fabian
    The history of media, including press publishing, has always been linked to technology advancement. The sector has been continuously transforming itself in line with the emergence of new distribution models and evolving consumer behaviour. Today, digitalisation is the main driver of that change. The media industry has no other option but to invest in innovation and modernise its business model. Outlets that have proven successful in doing so have gained access to bigger markets and found new audiences. Those who will fail to keep up with the digital transformation will progressively lose relevance. As it has already been doing for centuries, the media has to...

  13. Digital health: How can the EU help make the most out of it? EPC Policy Brief, 25 January 2018

    Guagliardo, Simona
    Our society is in the midst of a vast and pervasive data revolution. Enormous amounts of data are produced and exchanged daily and people are increasingly using all sort of digital tools in almost any aspects of their life. Health is no exception. A 2013 survey shows that 75% of European hospitals have some type of electronic health records (EHR) system in place.1 In 2014, six out of ten Europeans have searched for health information on the Internet2 and the download of health and well-being applications in 2016 has reached 3 billion globally.3

  14. The external processing of asylum seekers Member states’ migration talking shop. EPC Commentary, 25 January 2018

    McNamara, Frank
    External processing involves applications for international protection being processed beyond the European Union’s (EU) external borders, in third states. An individual who has been processed externally would then, in theory, be resettled to an EU member state. The reality is that external processing has, thus far, only served as a talking shop for member states. Without proper examination of what the policy could add and of the political, legal and institutional hurdles involved, external processing will simply remain as member states’ go-to ‘crisis’ policy without any real intention of ever pursuing it.

  15. L’hyperpuissance face à l’hyperimpuissance = Hyperpower in the face of hyperimpotence. Egmont Commentary, 14 March 2003

    Dehousse, Franklin
    Si une guerre éclate en Irak, nous aurons notre part directe de responsabilité. Tout en la stigmatisant, les Européens sont par leur bêtise un des supports essentiels de la suprématie américaine. Les Etats-Unis sont une hyperpuissance d’abord parce que l’Europe est une hyperimpuissance. Lorsqu’elle stigmatise dans des discours outragés l’impérialisme américain, la classe politique européenne ne fait que contempler sa propre médiocrité dans un miroir.

  16. Oui, l’Afghanistan est important. Yes, Afghanistan is important. Egmont Commentary, 26 June 2009

    Struye, Tanguy; Renard, Thomas
    Yes, Afghanistan is important!

  17. Moldova’s political theatre. The balance of forces in an election year. OSW Commentary NUMBER 258 | 31.01.2018

    Całus, Kamil
    Since the end of 2015 Vlad Plahotniuc, an oligarch and the richest man in Moldova, leader of the ruling, nominally pro-European Democratic Party, has been de facto the only person who counts in Moldovan politics and business. He is an extremely unpopular politician who has been accused of transforming Moldova into a classic ‘captured state’. However, he has been forced to work with Igor Dodon, the country’s nominally opposition and pro-Russian President, who enjoys the most public trust, as well as with the Socialist party (PSRM) which stands behind him. Both politicians have created a particular system of government which is something like a political cartel. The...

  18. Washington’s game of ‘sanctions poker’ Russia awaits America’s decisions. OSW Commentary NUMBER 259 | 05.02.2018

    Wiśniewska, Iwona
    On 29 January, the administration of President Donald Trump sent Congress a batch of documents which provide the basis for a possible further expansion of sanctions against Russia: a report on the Russian business and political elite, and a report on the consequences of selected financial sanctions. At the same time, the authorisation for the possible introduction of extraterritorial sanctions against entities from the Russian security sector and arms industry came into effect. This was in line with the requirements of the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act, No. 3364 from 2 August 2017. This Act covers US sanctions against Iran, Russia and North Korea. As of...

  19. Russia’s Middle Eastern policy. Regional ambitions, global objectives. OSW Studies 71 December 2017

    Rodkiewicz, Witold
    Summary. Russia’s policy in the Middle East is part of a wider strategy aimed at creating an international order which would shield Russia against Western interference in its internal affairs and would guarantee it an equal footing with the United States. In practice, that means that Russia’s Middle Eastern policy is subordinated to the Kremlin’s global strategy towards Washington. In the Middle East, Moscow seeks to create a regional variant of what it believes to be the best model of the international order, i.e. a concert of powers that would include, apart from Russia, also the regional powers of Turkey and Iran, as well as the United States; provided...

  20. Suspended in legal limbo: Protecting investment in renewable energy in the EU. CEPS Policy Insights No 2018/03, January 2018

    Alessi, Monica; Núñez Ferrer, Jorge
    This paper focuses on the damage – and the potential for inflicting further damage – to investor confidence arising from legal uncertainties surrounding renewable energy support in some EU member states. A higher-than-expected expansion of the renewables sector, resulting in higher costs of the support, combined with the financial crisis, has driven some member states to radically curtail renewable energy support schemes. Loss-making investors unsuccessfully challenged these EU governments in national courts, arguing that their rights had been violated and denounced reforms that they considered to be retroactively punitive in nature. A number of EU-based international investors turned to international arbitration courts under the provisions of the Energy...

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