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  1. Reorganisation ofHoxdregulatory landscapes during the evolution of a snake-like body plan

    Guerreiro, Isabel; Gitto, Sandra; Novoa, Ana; Codourey, Julien; Nguyen Huynh, Thi Hanh; Gonzalez, Federico; Milinkovitch, Michel C; Mallo, Moises; Duboule, Denis
    Within land vertebrate species, snakes display extreme variations in their body plan, characterized by the absence of limbs and an elongated morphology. Such a particular interpretation of the basic vertebrate body architecture has often been associated with changes in the function or regulation of Hox genes. Here, we use an interspecies comparative approach to investigate different regulatory aspects at the snake HoxD locus. We report that, unlike in other vertebrates, snake mesoderm-specific enhancers are mostly located within the HoxD cluster itself rather than outside. In addition, despite both the absence of limbs and an altered Hoxd gene regulation in external...
    - 13-ago-2016

  2. Hoxb6 can interfere with somitogenesis in the posterior embryo through a mechanism independent of its rib-promoting activity

    Casaca, Ana; Nóvoa, Ana; Mallo, Moisés
    Formation of the vertebrate axial skeleton requires coordinated Hox gene activity. Hox group 6 genes are involved in the formation of the thoracic area owing to their unique rib-promoting properties. Here we show that the linker region (LR) connecting the homeodomain and the hexapeptide is essential for Hoxb6 rib-promoting activity in mice. The LR-defective Hoxb6 protein was still able to bind a target enhancer together with Pax3, producing a dominant-negative effect, indicating that the LR brings additional regulatory factors to target DNA elements. We also found an unexpected association between Hoxb6 and segmentation in the paraxial mesoderm. In particular, Hoxb6...
    - 16-jun-2016

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