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    [EN] his bachelor thesis is focused on concept art of some graphic novel characters, going into detail about three of them through their representation of differents point of view and in different action scenes. In one of theme also was carried out a preliminar facial expresion research. During the realization of this thesis, I have learnt and applied progresively new digital illustration skills in all its parts, including the sketches

  2. Emulación estética de fotografía analógica. Filtros digitales para la emulación de películas fotoquímicas.

    [ES] El desarrollo de este trabajo final de grado surge a partir de una reflexión de cómo una parte de la fotografía actual se asemeja a la de antaño y de cómo resurge la práctica de la fotografía analógica. En este proyecto haré un recorrido sobre los diferentes referentes en los que me he fijado para elaborar este trabajo. Veremos también las caracterís - ticas propias de la fotografía analógica (grano, color...). El núcleo principal de este proyecto consiste en la creación de diferentes filtros digitales que toman como referencia distintas películas fotográficas. Hablaré de qué se pretende transmitir con su uso...

  3. Open Box: una gran iniciativa para acabar con el Phubbing

    [EN] Our final degree project is a creative and funny initiative which aims to solve the phubbing, an English term created by the combination of the words phone + snubbing. So it refers to a person interacting with the phone (or other device) rather than interacting with a human being. The project has consisted of designing and prototyping a product: Open Box; a box where people can place their mobile devices allowing them to interact without any technological distraction at certain situations like having lunch or dinner in a restaurant. The main objectives of this project lie in the application of the training achieved during all the degree,...

  4. La imagen tras el terror: pintar después de la posmodernidad

    [EN] In this project I intendo to reflect on the violent image in the mass media from the positions and events that define our era. From the painting, an awareness of the consumer society is reclaimed through the analysis on the artistic act as a form of rupture that could be considered a violent act. This generates a dialogue in which appears elements that define the end of posmodernity, such as: terrorism, paranoid conspiracy and the state-of-the-art. In addition, a reflection is made on the changes that this has implied in our way of contemplating; Changes that have inspired even the most radical historical re-reading,...

  5. Ciegos Voluntarios: reflexión desde la práctica artística sobre un nuevo paradigma social

    [EN] Voluntary Blinds. Reflection of a new social paradigm through an artistic practice. This is a theoretical-practical research for the realization of an artistic practice within the contemporaneous art based on a reflection of a new social paradigm, the volunteer blindness. Through this new paradigm presented is exposed and reflected a reality that involves the intimate, the social and the systemic of the life of some actual social groups that decide to live under a volunteer blindness looking for an artificial “comfort”. From the core of the research, it is exposed the final results of this practice, the assessed referents, the analysis done; as well as the results...


    [ES] El proyecto ha desarrollado una marca de ropa con la finalidad de dar a co - nocer una cultura que con el tiempo ha ido decreciendo. Dicha cultura se en - cuentra en el noroeste argentino, tratándose de una región con tradiciones milenarias. Para conseguir que la gente aprenda sobre esta zona y sobre algu - nas de sus costumbres, se han utilizado elementos representativos del lugar para construir diseños de las camisetas. Para un atractivo adicional y llegar más al cliente, en cada etiqueta se encuentra una explicación de cada diseño. Para lograr un mayor número de ventas se ha dado mucha importancia a...

  7. LOS VIAJES DE KIM. Desarrollo de un prototipo de aplicación móvil.

    [EN] This Final Project corresponds to the category of Artistic Production, specifically Design, Illustration and Mobile Applications. It is the result of research into the basic concepts of mobile applications and the creation of a prototype to possibly be developed further in the future. This document begins with the analysis of digital literature for children and young adults, and how the world of mobile applications for this demographic has evolved till now A prototype of an interactive application was made during the practical development phase of the project. This prototype meets the requirements of children’s literature, except it is being developed specifically...

  8. La fotografía accidental como referente pictórico. Una aproximación al retrato familiar.

    [EN] The concept that served as a starting point for this essay is the portrait and its distortion. To accomplish it, it was necessary to carry out an investigation about the different ways and means that could be useful to hinder the identification of the port rayed individual and, therefore, keep us away from the accuracy and detail of our benchmark: a photography. Doing this, we want to create paintings based on photographies that present “defects” such as motion blur, unfocused, backlighting, misframing... mis takes which display a reality that our eyes can’t catch without the help of a camera or, at...


    [EN] The aim of this Degree’s Final Project has been the making of ten pictorial works devoted to different types and situations related to the issue of ‘love’, works in which the Mythological character Cupid has a main role, for he interacts with the other characters while he also reacts in different ways depending on t he situation. Each piece of artwork is shown with a critical background and humorous nuances. The whole o f the artwork, titled ‘Amor en A bierto: Ilustraciones’ (‘Love in Open: Illustrations’), deals with a generic theme that provides a wide range of ways of interpretation. Each piece could be read...

  10. La senyo de la llengua : històries il·lustrades per a logopedia

    [EN] “La Senyo de la Llengua”, is an illustrated book for speech therapists and students. Made in collaboration with the text of the teacher and speech the - rapist Rosa Mª Vendrell, this book combines vocal exercises and oral arti - culation with a collection of stories that are occurred to the protagonist of the story, for children to have fun learning. This publication is aimed at stu - dents in kindergarten and primary school to second cycle. The next report will consist of two parts, the first of research and location of the theoretical framework of the illustrated book, and the second will deal with...

  11. El espectáculo de lo Real. Interpretación a partir de fotomontajes del texto de S. Zlzek: Bienvenidos al desierto de lo Real"

    [EN] The show of the Real is a series of photomontages describing current events, poses a reflection on them, on how they are communicated and ex - perienced. They have as reference in the history of art works such as John Heartfield, Josep Renau, Martha Rosler or Barbara Krugler; and as a theoreti - cal reference the text of the philosopher Slavoj Zizek, Welcome to the desert of the Real (2002). These artistic references are characterized by having used the photomontage to express their ideas. Normally their messages are criti - ques to the events of their times; wars, social attitudes, policies, imperialism, inequality, abuse or...

  12. MIEDOS

    [en] In this memory expose which has been my work practical of end of degree. In my case has consisted in producing a short film of 2 minutes inspired in one previous, using only media generated by me same. An of the purposes of this work has been expose them knowledge acquired during the grade, put in practice it learned in them subjects audiovisual that have gone studying throughout my career . Is has led to out an important work in equipment as regards inspirations and references. The title chosen for both projects, "Fears", is not casual, but that has much to do with...


    [EN] This work will focus on the different levels through which a work acquires its significance, namely: the figurative representation of a subject, the choice of language and aspects of a formal nature (color, line, composition), stylistic or gestural and expressive qualities. This is the pre - production and production of a small teaser of a short traditional animation, based on the comic Barbibel. To do this the ideas of some authors of world stature as Linda Seger, drawing especially theses exposed in his book How to create unforgettable characters for character development, and the use of traditional animation techniques focused on will continue...

  14. LOS TEXTOS DE ARTISTA. Función y análisis de un género

    [EN] Research report that contains an analysis based on the contributions written by artists. It aims to clarify the true role of the artist text and generally raise certain issues that su rround this genre. Among the objectives that drive the development of this project, it is to express the need for the word in art and observe to what extent and how the artist can be expressed from the written exercise, and how is complemented by artistic practice


    [EN] The project consists of a sequence of images that revolve around the identification of man with nature, they are the result of a landscape intervention through which aims to create a dialogue between man and the natural environment in order to reflect and create awareness. From this connection appear a number of questions that the project tries to solve along the production process and reflexion. The scene is composed by a bed located in a natural setting, arranged on a river and the model interacts and brings movement and dynamism in the image. The person attending at the metaphorical plane...


    [en] In this work the author provides us with his experiences and opinions about the Saharawi people who live in the Tinduf refugee camp, in Argelia, a place he recently visited. Bitter, sweet and mild tells of a trip. It consists of four portraits which delve into the lives of four saharawi children, through faces' paintings and photographical and audiovisual testimonies that he heard, saw and took in person, therefor all the feelings he experienced are inmediately transformed into emotion. The autobiographical work and this social role of art reflect perfectly the conflict of Saharawi people. All through this project that...

  17. Zodíaco femenino: Un almanaque mixto.

    [ES] Con este proyecto se ha llevado a cabo una interpretación personal del zodíaco en versión femenina. Con dos vertientes principales, una se centra en la estampación en serigrafía de estos signos, con su respectiva descripción y almacenados en una caja artesanal. La otra parte consiste en la realización de un almanaque de pared donde los signos, elaborados con técnica mixta (dibujado a lápiz y coloreado digitalmente), acompañan a su mes perteneciente.


    [EN] Who loves you? is a story which reinforces the importance of self-accep - tance in the education of the youngest members of our society. The Project has been written with children in mind and their relationship with their inme - diate surroundings, which is what shapes their first mental schemes of how social relationships work. The Project is made up of two main parts, the first of which develops the theoretical base that sustains this Project and the message which we wish to convey, and the second part which details the whole process of develpment of the visual message conveyed

  19. NIEVE NEGRA. Libro ilustrado

    [EN] This work titled Black Snow, is developing a complete illustrated book, in - cluding the creation of the history, the artwork based on the text, and subse - quent treatment related with the editorial design. Therefore, it is a job which tries to get a professional finish result, focused on the publishing world, and where I can capture some of the skills and resources acquired during the four-year of career in Fine Arts. The project report consists of two main parts: first, we will discuss the pre-production, focusing in the objectives of the work, the references that have influenced it, the idea, the sketches,...

  20. Liights out: planificación y resolución de la dirección de fotografía

    Rodriguez Martinez, Benjamín
    [EN] T he submitted project falls within the context of the Degree in Fine Arts Dissertations and it consists of the researching and preproduction of a thriller’s short film cinematography. Cinematographers such as Rober D. Yeoman, Xavier Dolan or André Turpin have been a great source of inspiration for the resolution of the submitted dissertation. To perform this project, elements such as lighting, composition and color have been taken into account, dealing with Production and Production Design elements, resulting in a multidisciplinary project that seeks using photography as means of expression telling a story and communicating the feelings told in it.

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