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  1. Predictive factors for the appearance of myringosclerosis after myringotomy with ventilation tube placement: randomized study

    Branco, C; Monteiro, D; Paço, J
    Myringotomy with the insertion of ventilation tubes is the most frequent surgical procedure performed in children, and the appearance of myringosclerosis is one of its most frequent long-term complications. The objective of this study is to identify clinical factors and technique variations that may have a relation with the appearance of myringosclerosis, after tube insertion. Patients submitted to myringotomy with transtympanic short-term tube insertion were studied in a longitudinal prospective and analytical cohort study with the prospective randomized open, blinded endpoint (PROBE) methodology, to study the influence of the location of myringotomy (anterior-inferior quadrant or posterior-inferior), directions of the incision...

  2. Spinous Process Osteochondroma as a Rare Cause of Lumbar Pain

    Rosa, B; Campos, P; Barros, A; Karmali, S; Ussene, E; Durão, C; Alves da Silva, J; Coutinho, N
    We present a case of a 5th Lumbar Vertebra (L5) spinous process osteochondroma as a rare cause of lumbar pain in an old patient. A 70-year-old male presented with progressive and disabling lower lumbar pain. Tenderness over the central and left paraspinal area of the lower lumbar region and a palpable mass were evident. CT scan showed a mass arising from the spinous process of L5. Marginal resection of the tumor was performed through a posterior approach. The histological study revealed an osteochondroma. After surgery, pain was completely relieved. After one year there was no evidence of local recurrence or...

  3. Undiagnosed intracranial lipoma associated with sudden death

    Durão, C; Pedrosa, F
    Intracranial lipomas represent less than 0.1% of all intracranial tumors. They are usually located in the callus area and often asymptomatic. This paper presents a sudden death case after an episode of convulsions on a 39 years old woman with a history of migraines and seizures since adolescence. The autopsy revealed the presence of an undiagnosed massive brain lipoma (60 × 35 mm) associated with atrophy of the corpus callosum. Although very rare and seldom malignant these may be associated with seizures and sudden death.

  4. Mortes por Asfixias com Alimentos em Crianças: Aspectos Médico Legais da Sufocação Direta por Engasgamento

    Durão, C; Durão, D; Pedrosa, F
    The asphyxia by suffocation (choking) with foreign bodies are dramatic. Among these, the choking with food are responsible for most of these deaths. Children under four years old are particularly vulnerable due to not having a well-developed posterior dentition. The paper presents the report of two cases of suffocation with food and discusses some legal medical concepts, warning of the further prevention of such cases.

  5. Luxação Metacarpofalângica do Polegar na Criança

    Durão, C
    Luxações isoladas das articulações metacarpofalângicas nas crianças são muito raras, sendo escassos os relatos na literatura. Isto pela fragilidade das físes, que pelo traumatismo associado, normalmente se separam em vez da ocorrência da luxação da articulação adjacente. Este trabalho apresenta o relato de um caso, discutindo a importância da atempada redução e as eventuais complicações descritas nestas lesões.

  6. A Wormian Bone, Mimicking an Entry Gunshot Wound of the Skull, in an Anthropological Specimen

    Machado, MP; Simões, MP; Gamba, TO; Flores, IL; Haiter Neto, F; Durão, C; Daruge Júnior, E; Cunha, E
    Wormian bones (WB) are irregular small cranial ossicles found along suture lines and fontanels. In Brazil, gunshot wounds to the skull are quite common in young individuals. Nevertheless, as far as we know, this is the first report of a WB giving an erroneous aspect of gunshot entrance due to its displacement position. The present manuscript describes the case of a Brazilian young man who died due to ballistic trauma, where a gaping bony defect on the right side of the skull was thought to be the exit wound of an injury related to the destruction found on the left...

  7. InterInterpretação das lesões ortopédicas dos ocupantes dos veículos na reconstrução forense dos acidentes de viação

    Durão, C; Lucas, FM
    Road Traffic accidents are the leading cause of violent death and a major cause of death and sequelae in young and economically active population in developed and developing countries. Numbers that can only be compared to wars, which exemplifies the consequences of these lesions in economic and social terms. In 2002, about 1.2 million people died in traffic accidents, and in 2020, it is estimated that this number will double according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Only a small percentage of these are generated by vehicle faults or adverse conditions. The vast majority of accidents are caused by carelessness, negligence or malpractice of drivers or pedestrians,...

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