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  1. Hemolysis, Elevated Liver Enzymes, Low Platelets Syndrome Superimposed on Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome

    Martins, I; Conceição, MG; Gomes, PP; Clode, N
    A pregnancy complicated by typical hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS) and hemolysis, elevated liver enzymes, low platelets (HELLP) syndrome is reported. At 20 weeks of gestation, a case of HUS was diagnosed, with Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli identified. Plasmapheresis allowed continuation of the pregnancy for 5 weeks. Superimposed preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome were diagnosed after the establishment of nephrotic range proteinuria, hypertension and recurrence of hemolysis. This is a singular case, as it demonstrates that HELLP syndrome can superimpose upon HUS, a fact that can impact future research on reproductive immunology. It also reminds clinicians that the overlapping of clinical and...

  2. Asthma costs and social impact

    Nunes, C; Pereira, AM; Morais-Almeida, M
    In recent decades, both asthma prevalence and incidence have been increasing worldwide, not only due to the genetic background, but mainly because of the effect of a wide number of environmental and lifestyle risk factors. In many countries noncommunicable diseases, like asthma, are not yet considered a healthcare priority. This review will analyze and discuss disparities in asthma management in several countries and regions, such as access to healthcare human resources and medications, due to limited financial capacity to develop strategies to control and prevent this chronic disease. This review tries to explore the social and economic burden of asthma...

  3. Dermoscopic and reflectance confocal microscopic presentation of relapsing eccrine porocarcinoma

    Pinheiro, R; Oliveira, A; Mendes-Bastos, P

  4. Asthma-chronic obstructive pulmonary disease overlap syndrome - Literature review and contributions towards a Portuguese consensus

    Araújo, D; Padrão, E; Morais-Almeida, M; Cardoso, J; Pavão, F; Leite, R B; Caldas, A C; Marques, A
    Phenotypic overlap between the two main chronic airway pulmonary diseases, asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), has been the subject of debate for decades, and recently the nomenclature of asthma-COPD overlap syndrome (ACOS) was adopted for this condition. The definition of this entity in the literature is, however, very heterogeneous, it is therefore important to define how it applies to Portugal.

  5. Asthma prevalence in Portuguese preschool children: More scientific evidence…

    Morais-Almeida, M; Pité, H; Pereira, AM; Ferreira-Magalhães, M; Fonseca, JA

  6. Serotype 3 Remains the Leading Cause of Invasive Pneumococcal Disease in Adults in Portugal (2012-2014) Despite Continued Reductions in Other 13-Valent Conjugate Vaccine Serotypes

    Horácio, AN; Silva-Costa, C; Lopes, JP; Ramirez, M; Melo-Cristino, J
    Since 2010 the 13-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV13) replaced the 7-valent vaccine (PCV7) as the leading pneumococcal vaccine used in children through the private sector. Although, neither of the PCVs were used significantly in adults, changes in adult invasive pneumococcal disease (IPD) were expected due to herd protection. We characterized n = 1163 isolates recovered from IPD in adults in 2012-2014 with the goal of documenting possible changes in serotype prevalence and antimicrobial resistance. Among the 54 different serotypes detected, the most frequent, accounting for half of all IPD, were serotypes: 3 (14%), 8 (11%), 19A (7%), 22F (7%), 14...

  7. Roles of interleukin-17 in uveitis

    Guedes, MC; Borrego, LM; Proença, RD
    Th17 cells, a CD4+ T-cell subset, produce interleukin (IL)-17, a pro-inflammatory cytokine that has been shown to be involved in several forms of infectious and noninfectious uveitis. Here, we explore the roles of this IL in uveitic disorders as well as in experimental autoimmune uveitis, the possible pathogenic implications of several cytokines associated with IL-17 and analyze the current outcomes and goals for drugs aiming for the IL-17 pathway.

  8. Portuguese Position Paper on the Use of Biosimilars in Psoriasis

    Torres, T; Ferreira, A; Ferreira, P; Henriques, M; Leite, L; Magina, S; Marques Pinto, G; Oliveira, H; Sousa Basto, A; Tavares Bello, R; Varela, P; Massa, A; Selores, M; Filipe, P

  9. Effect of Application and Intensity of Bevacizumab-based Maintenance After Induction Chemotherapy With Bevacizumab for Metastatic Colorectal Cancer: A Meta-analysis

    Stein, A; Schwenke, C; Folprecht, G; Arnold, D
    BACKGROUND: The administration and intensity of bevacizumab-based maintenance therapy after induction treatment with bevacizumab is still a matter of debate. Thus, the present meta-analysis and an indirect comparison were performed to clarify these issues. PATIENTS AND METHODS: Trials evaluating a separately defined "maintenance phase," with randomization after the induction phase, were selected. Three trials of maintenance with bevacizumab with or without a fluoropyrimidine (CAIRO3, SAKK 41/06, and AIO KRK 0207) were analyzed regarding the effect on progression-free survival (PFS) and overall survival (OS) of any maintenance therapy compared with observation alone and different maintenance intensities (bevacizumab with or without fluoropyrimidine) compared with observation...

  10. Obstructive lung diseases and beta-blockers: Where do we stand?

    Pité, H; Braga da Cruz, M; Morais-Almeida, M

  11. Regulatory T and B cells in asthmatic women: variations from pregnancy to postpartum Treg and Breg: pregnancy to postpartum

    Martins, C; Lima, J; Nunes, G; Borrego, LM
    BACKGROUND: Allergic asthma and rhinitis are common in pregnancy. The immune mechanisms underlying the effects of pregnancy in asthma and vice-versa are not completely understood. OBJECTIVES: This work aimed to study the evolution of regulatory T and B cells in asthmatic pregnant women, from late pregnancy till postpartum. METHODS: Four groups of women were enrolled for this study: third trimester pregnant women, asthmatic (n=24) and healthy (n=43), and non-pregnant women, asthmatic (n=33) and healthy (n=35). Pregnant women were also evaluated postpartum (>6 weeks after delivery). Blood samples were taken from each woman and flow cytometry was used to characterize circulating regulatory T and B cells....

  12. Acidente vascular cerebral perinatal: 11 casos clínicos

    Rodrigues, A; Lucas, M; Fonseca, S; Carvalhosa, G; Neto, AS
    Introdução: Os acidentes vasculares cerebrais (AVC) são causa de epilepsia e perturbações do neurodesenvolvimento. Têm tido uma incidencia crescente atribuível em parte à melhoria das tecnicas de imagens cerebrais. Alguns diagnósticos são efectuados retrospectivamente após o periodo neonatal. O objectivo da presente serie de casos clínicos foi identificar factores comuns que possam facilitar o diagnóstico no período neonatal. Material e métodos: Estudo retrospectivo efectuado com base na consulta dos processos clinicos dos recém-nascidos, com diagnóstico de AVC entre um de Janeiro de 2003 e 31 de Dezembro de 2013. Resultados: Foram identificados onze casos de AVC perinatal, num total 28382 nados-vivos. Dois...

  13. Doença celíaca: relembrar uma velha doença

    Cristovão, C; Pereira, S; Santos, F; Neto, AS

  14. A randomized trial of nebulized 3% hypertonic saline with salbutamol in the treatment of acute bronchiolitis in hospitalized infants

    Flores, P; Mendes, AL; Neto, AS
    OBJECTIVE: Acute bronchiolitis is a common disorder of infants that often results in hospitalization. Apart from supportive care, no therapy has been shown to influence the course of the disease, except for a possible effect of nebulized hypertonic saline (HS). To determine whether this does have beneficial effects on length of stay in hospital or on severity scores, we undertook a double-blind, randomized, controlled trial in a pediatric department of a Portuguese hospital. METHODS: Previously healthy infants, younger than 12 months, hospitalized with mild-to-moderate acute viral bronchiolitis were randomized to receive either nebulized 3% (hypertonic, HS) or 0.9% (normal, NS) saline during their...

  15. COPD control: Can a consensus be found?

    Guimarães, M; Bugalho, A; Oliveira, AS; Moita, J; Marques, A
    There are currently no reliable instruments for assessing the onset and progression of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or predicting its prognosis. Currently, a comprehensive assessment of COPD including several objective and subjective parameters is recommended. However, the lack of biomarkers precludes a correct assessment of COPD severity, which consequently hampers adequate therapeutic approaches and COPD control. In the absence of a definition of "well-controlled disease", a consensus regarding COPD control will be difficult to reach. However, COPD patient assessment should be multidimensional, and anchored in five points: control of symptoms, decline of pulmonary function, levels of physical activity, exacerbations,...

  16. Characterization of B cells in healthy pregnant women from late pregnancy to post-partum: a prospective observational study

    Lima, J; Martins, C; Leandro, MJ; Nunes, G; Sousa, MJ; Branco, JC; Borrego, LM
    Abstract BACKGROUND: B cells play a role in pregnancy due to their humoral and regulatory activities. To our knowledge, different maturational stages (from transitional to memory) of circulating B cell subsets have not yet been characterized (cell quantification and phenotype identification) in healthy pregnant women. Thus, the objective of our study was to characterize these subsets (as well as regulatory B cells) from late pregnancy to post-partum and to compare them with the circulating B cells of non-pregnant women. METHODS: In all of the enrolled women, flow cytometry was used to characterize the circulating B cell subsets according to the expression of IgD and...

  17. Prevalence of secondhand smoke exposure in asthmatic children at home and in the car: A cross-sectional study

    Antunes, H; Precioso, J; Araújo, AC; Machado, JC; Samorinha, C; Rocha, V; Gaspar, Â; Becoña, E; Belo-Ravara, S; Vitória, P; Rosas, M; Fernandez, E
    OBJECTIVE: To compare secondhand smoke exposure (SHSe) prevalence at home and inside the car between asthmatic and non-asthmatic Portuguese children. MATERIALS AND METHODS: This is a cross-sectional study that assessed children's SHSe in a representative sample of nine Portuguese cities. A validated self-reported questionnaire was administered to a random sample of 4th grade students during the school year of 2010/2011. The asthma prevalence was defined by the answers to three questions regarding asthma symptoms, medication and inhaler use. We performed chi-square tests and analysed frequencies, contingency tables, confidence intervals, and odd-ratios. RESULTS: The self-reported questionnaire was administered to 3187 students. Asthma prevalence was 14.8% (472...

  18. ESMO consensus guidelines for the management of patients with metastatic colorectal cancer

    Van Cutsem, E; Cervantes, A; Adam, R; Sobrero, A; Van Krieken, J H; Aderka, D; Aranda Aguilar, E; Bardelli, A; Benson, A; Bodoky, G; Ciardiello, F; D'Hoore, A; Diaz-Rubio, E; Douillard, J-Y; Ducreux, M; Falcone, A; Grothey, A; Gruenberger, T; Haustermans, K; Heinemann, V; Hoff, P; Köhne, C-H; Labianca, R; Laurent-Puig, P; Ma, B; Maughan, T; Muro, K; Normanno, N; Österlund, P; Oyen, W J G; Papamichael, D; Pentheroudakis, G; Pfeiffer, P; Price, T J; Punt, C; Ricke, J; Roth, A; Salazar, R; Scheithauer, W; Schmoll, H J; Tabernero, J; Taïeb, J; Tejpar, S; Wasan, H; Yoshino, T; Zaanan, A; Arnold, D
    Colorectal cancer (CRC) is one of the most common malignancies in Western countries. Over the last 20 years, and the last decade in particular, the clinical outcome for patients with metastatic CRC (mCRC) has improved greatly due not only to an increase in the number of patients being referred for and undergoing surgical resection of their localised metastatic disease but also to a more strategic approach to the delivery of systemic therapy and an expansion in the use of ablative techniques. This reflects the increase in the number of patients that are being managed within a multidisciplinary team environment and...

  19. Treatment approach in patients with hyperbilirubinemia secondary to liver metastases in gastrointestinal malignancies: a case series and review of literature

    Quidde, J; Azémar, M; Bokemeyer, C; Arnold, D; Stein, A
    BACKGROUND: Treatment of patients with severe liver dysfunction including hyperbilirubinemia secondary to liver metastases of gastrointestinal (GI) cancer is challenging. Regimen of oxaliplatin and fluoropyrimidine (FP)/folinic acid (FA) ± a monoclonal antibody (moAb), represents a feasible option considering the pharmacokinetics. Clinical data on the respective dosage and tolerability are limited and no recommendations are available. METHODS: Consecutive patients with severe hyperbilirubinemia [>2 × upper limit of the normal range (ULN) and >2.4 mg/dl] due to liver metastases of GI cancer without options for drainage receiving oxaliplatin, FP/FA ± moAb were analyzed. To collect further data a review of the literature was performed. RESULTS: A total...

  20. Second St. Gallen European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer Gastrointestinal Cancer Conference: consensus recommendations on controversial issues in the primary treatment of rectal cancer

    Lutz, MP; Zalcberg, JR; Glynne-Jones, R; Ruers, T; Ducreux, M; Arnold, D; Aust, D; Brown, G; Bujko, K; Cunningham, C; Evrard, S; Folprecht, G; Gerard, JP; Habr-Gama, A; Haustermans, K; Holm, T; Kuhlmann, KF; Lordick, F; Mentha, G; Moehler, M; Nagtegaal, ID; Pigazzi, A; Puciarelli, S; Roth, A; Rutten, H; Schmoll, HJ; Sorbye, H; Van Cutsem, E; Weitz, J; Otto, F
    Primary treatment of rectal cancer was the focus of the second St. Gallen European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC) Gastrointestinal Cancer Conference. In the context of the conference, a multidisciplinary international expert panel discussed and voted on controversial issues which could not be easily answered using published evidence. Main topics included optimal pretherapeutic imaging, indication and type of neoadjuvant treatment, and the treatment strategies in advanced tumours. Here we report the key recommendations and summarise the related evidence. The treatment strategy for localised rectal cancer varies from local excision in early tumours to neoadjuvant radiochemotherapy (RCT) in...

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