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O Repositório Institucional da Universidade Técnica de Lisboa desenvolvido no âmbito do projecto RCAAP. Este repositório destina-se a recolher, preservar e disponibilizar o acesso às publicações científicas e didácticas de seis: Escolas da UTL: Faculdade de Medicina Veterinária, Instituto Superior de Agronomia, Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão, Instituto Superior de Ciências Sociais e Políticas , Faculdade de Motricidade Humana, Faculdade de Arquitectura. O Instituto Superior Técnico, igualmente Escola Da UTL, tem repositório independente.

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  1. Social risks of forest fires : a methodological proposal for their monetary evaluation

    Mendes, Isabel
    The risk of forest fire in Portugal ranks among the highest in Europe. In recent times, fears have risen over the incidence of major forest fires with a scale and dimension that generate extremely high economic, environmental and social costs. Combatting this type of fire represents a particularly difficult and expensive objective and, in some cases, with a far from desirable level of efficiency. Particularly due to the national context characterised by severe budgetary restrictions, guaranteeing greater effectiveness and efficiency in forest fire prevention and fighting represents core objectives. One of the ways of improving the decision making process involves...

  2. Ancient roman politics : the Vestals : women’s empowerment

    Galito, Maria Sousa
    Vestals had political and religious power in ancient Rome. Their peaceful presence at the forum was one of the first attempts (if not the first) in favor of gender equality or women’s empowerment in the public sphere. Vestals were virgin priestesses of a goddess that protected the walls of Rome with her perpetual fire, which was pure and had no statue. Their rituals were based on legends such as Amata or Rhea Silvia that, regardless of being true or not, were religious and cultural references for people's lives and should not be neglected, because they contain information that explains why the...

  3. Do individual investors trade differently in different markets?

    Abreu, Margarida; Mendes, Victor
    We investigate the hypothesis that the same investors trade differently in different financial markets. We use a proprietary data base with the transaction records of 129,461 investors for a 10‐year period, and select the investors holding both stocks and warrants in the portfolio. We compare the trading behavior of investors in the stock market and in the warrant market, controlling for investors’ socio‐demographic characteristics (age, occupation, education, etc.) and for investors’ behavioral biases (overconfidence, the disposition effect and pursuit of the pleasure of gambling). Even though investors are the same in both markets, our results clearly show that the sociodemographic...

  4. Portugal and the Euro

    Mendonça, António
    This paper is divided in two parts. In the first part, we present some data of the Portuguese economy aiming to capture some of its main long trends and the way it reacts to the introduction of the single currency in Europe. Since Portugal follow a similar path with Spain in what concerns the European economic integration process, we developed a comparative analysis between the two Iberian countries trying to capture some dynamics that can aid to understand the different ways how the two economies reacted to the introduction of the euro and, in this phase of the economic integration...

  5. Segurança alimentar e nutricional global : evolução conceptual, desafios atuais e indicadores de medida

    Brissos, Susana
    Este artigo pretende fazer uma síntese da evolução histórica do conceito de Segurança Alimentar e Nutricional à escala global, desde o seu surgimento no início do século XX, relacionado com a preocupação dos países em assegurar a suficiente disponibilidade de alimentos para a sua população, até à sua conceptualização atual que lhe reconhece diferentes dimensões e coloca a ênfase no acesso aos alimentos e no direito dos indivíduos a uma alimentação adequada. Apresenta-se, assim, uma descrição da evolução das estratégias globais adotadas visando a garantia da Segurança Alimentar e Nutricional, evidenciando o deslocamento do seu foco do produto (oferta) para...

  6. Portugal : crisis and restructuring

    Galito, Maria Sousa
    Paper presented on the scope of the Workshop "The Political Economy of the Crisis & Economic Restructuring – History, Dynamics, Implications & Lessons", October 12-13, 2017, held in ISEG – Lisbon School of Economics & Management, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal

  7. The context of conflict resolution : international relations and the study of peace and conflict

    Sousa, Ricardo Real P.
    This paper provides a brief review of almost one century of academic research within the discipline of International Relations with a focus on the thinking about Peace and Conflict and its links to approaches in Conflict Resolution. The framework of analysis is based on the definition of science, what is studied and how it is studied, which delimits the analysis into the four debates in IR: between 1919 and the 1940s, the idealist versus realist debate; in the 1950s and 1960s, the traditionalist versus behaviourist debate; in the 1970s and 1980s, the inter-paradigm debate, and, since the 1990s, the rationalist...

  8. Identificação e construção de cenários macroeconómicos para o estudo de impactos de medidas de política económica. Uma abordagem matricial com simulação a Moçambique

    Santos, Susana
    O estudo de impactos de medidas de política económica passa, por um lado, pela identificação da realidade sobre a qual tais medidas irão ser aplicadas e, por outro, pela construção de cenários que possibilitem a perceção dos mesmos. Tal exercício tem subjacente a atividade de um país, cuja complexidade exige a utilização de instrumentos ou ferramentas de trabalho. Neste trabalho, a Matriz de Contabilidade Social, vulgarmente conhecida por SAM (da abreviatura da designação em inglês – Social Accounting Matrix), é proposta como ferramenta de trabalho para o estudo da atividade de um país. Tal atividade, aqui designada de socioeconómica, é...

  9. Is the logistics sector in China still a constraint to supplying its domestic market?

    Ilhéu, Fernanda; Simões, Gonçalo
    China is a market ripe with opportunities for those who dare challenge its vastness; its alluring promise of an outstanding growth possibility thanks to its immense and growing internal market presents itself to companies as a place of both enormous challenges but also of potentially great rewards. The logistics sector is considered to be one essential vector of competitiveness for the development of consumer market supply. Logistics plays a tremendously important role in a company’s activity. Poor logistics can lead to lost opportunities and unsatisfied customers, among other things, while having a good logistics system in place might work as...

  10. Foreman of the empire? Re-analysis of the readmission agreement with the European union and the repatriation in the archipelago of Cape Verde

    Varela, Odair Barros; Lima, Redy Wilson
    Este artigo apresenta, em primeiro lugar, uma visão geral do quadro jurídico e as fraquezas na gestão da imigração em Cabo Verde, analisando de forma particular o acordo de readmissão de Cabo Verde com a União Europeia dentro da parceria especial estabelecida (especificamente a parceria de mobilidade) com essa mesma organização. Por outro lado, analisa as políticas de contenção de migração e a gestão dos repatriados/deportados no arquipélago, focando a sua estreita relação com o fenómeno da readmissão. Este cenário levanta a questão se Cabo Verde está a transformar ou não num "capataz do império", isto é, numa guarda pretoriana...

  11. Os Ismailis, os Aga Khan em Portugal : mais de um século de história

    Khouri, Nicole; Leite, Joana Pereira
    A comemoração do sexagésimo aniversário da subida ao Imamato de Aga Khan IV, sua Alteza o Príncipe Karim al Husseini, chefe espiritual dos ismailis atualmente dispersos em mais de 25 países, constitui momento de particular significado, sobretudo para os seus fiéis em Portugal. Se as relações recentes do seu Imam com o governo português merecem ser evocadas, importa recuar a mais de um século e trazer à memória quer a história da comunidade ismaili então instalada em Moçambique, quer a dos laços que os Aga Khans III e IV estabeleceram com o Império português nas duas margens do oceano Índico. As...

  12. The investor in structured retail products : marketing driven or gambling oriented?

    Abreu, Margarida; Mendes, Victor
    Structured retail products (SRP) are one of the most visible faces of financial innovation and are becoming increasingly popular amongst retail investors. However, there is strong consensus that retail investors’ preference for structured products is difficult to explain using the standard rational theory, those products being in general sold at a significant premium. Studying the actual trading behavior of individual investors we provide evidence consistent with the view that SRP likely offer value to some informed investors compared to other products, that product complexity is a way to complete markets and that SRP allow investors to access segments otherwise not...

  13. Roma antiga : uma perspetiva de análise

    Galito, Maria Sousa
    As origens dos romanos eram conflituosas e a Monarquia sofreu um golpe de Estado violento. Uma República autodestrutiva com regime bipartidário e eleições anuais altamente competitivas, abriu portas ao populismo, nada mais do que fumo do fogo da rivalidade entre optimates e populares.

  14. How biased is the behavior of the individual investor in warrants?

    Abreu, Margarida
    Based on the actual trading behavior of individual investors in the Portuguese financial market during almost ten years this paper examines the socio‐demographic characteristics of retail investors in warrants, and discusses the hypothesis that some behavioral biases do have an impact on the investors’ predisposition to invest and trade in warrants, a complex financial instrument. One finds that there is a profile of investors in warrants: younger and less educated men are more likely to invest in warrants and that overconfident, disposition‐prone and investors exhibiting a gambling attitude are more likely to invest and trade in warrants. Secondly, the gambling...

  15. Information intermediaries in the social care market for the older population

    Albuquerque, Paula

  16. Populismo : conceptualização do fenómeno

    Galito, Maria Sousa
    O populismo é um fenómeno político que é difícil de definir e, portanto, de medir. Tanto é temido como glorificado e a sua teorização corre o risco de se transformar, em si, numa afirmação política. Em sociedades livres e democráticas, é importante definir as fronteiras entre o popular e o populismo. Com base numa crítica construtiva, diferenciam-se comportamentos moderados, em prol da justiça e da mobilidade social, de discursos extremistas baseados em ideologias antissistema e em programas difusos, supostamente em prol do povo, ou de uma versão homogénea e paternalista do mesmo.

  17. Boko Haram – Os Talibans da Nigéria

    Galito, Maria Sousa
    O Boko Haram consta da lista de grupos terroristas da ONU, do Reino Unido e dos EUA. É um grupo violento de origem nigeriana, responsável por atentados com elevadas causas materiais e humanas. O artigo avalia as suas principais características, propósitos, apoios financeiros e logísticos, e parcerias estratégicas.

  18. Institutions and Economic Growth of Landlocked Nations – part of dissertation

    Basnet, Subarna
    The study tries to scratch the relationship between institutions and economic growth under the landlocked constraint through empirically growing correlated random effect model with the base of pooled ordinary least square model and supporting models of fixed and random effect model. It includes a balance panel of 134 nations for 16 periods (2144 observations). It concludes that both landlocked and institutions are important variables to increase the output of the country. Landlocked nation decreases economic growth by 36% than no-landlocked nations, but the estimation of remoteness from the center to nearest sea becomes insignificance. Similarly, one standard deviation increase in...

  19. Labour content of international trade in intermediates : the case of Portugal

    Martínez-Galán, Enrique; Fontoura, Maria Paula
    This paper addresses the relation between international trade and employment in Portugal with regard to the labour content of trade in intermediates. It considers both the overall level of employment and labour disaggregated by skills (high-skill, medium-skill and low-skill). The assessment makes use of the newly developed internationally linked inputoutput (IO) database named World Input-Output Database (WIOD), complemented with the Socio-Economic Accounts (SEA) for skill-types of labour. The period analysed – 1995-2009 - is the longest possible taking into account the two databases used. The amount of labour required to produce imported intermediates (exported intermediates) is taken as a proxy...

  20. Effects of euro area monetary policy on institutional sectors : the case of Portugal

    Afonso, António; Silva, Jorge
    We study the effects of the euro area monetary policy on the institutional sectors in Portugal during the period 2000:4-2015:4. Our results show that the single monetary policy affected some variables that are proxies for the funding of each institutional sector of the economy: general government, other monetary financial institutions, non-financial corporations, households and the external sector. The period of the economic and financial adjustment programme influenced all institutional sectors, and financial integration in the euro area had an effect on the funding for the economy: there was a reduction of long term-to-GDP ratio, external funding to the Portuguese other...

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