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  1. Seismic Site Response Evaluation Using Ambient Vibrations And Earthquakes : Applications in Active And Vulnerable Regions with Emphasis on the 2001 Bhuj (India) Earthquake

    Natarajan, Thulasiraman
    Local site conditions are known to influence ground motion during earthquake events and increase the severity of damage. Data from earthquakes are useful to study the response but they are available only from active regions. Ubiquitous ambient vibrations on the other hand offer a more practical approach to quantify site responses. This thesis explores the use of various methods for obtaining site responses. The primary area of study is the Kachchh rift basin, NW India, a Mesozoic rift that features significant lateral variations in surface geology and has experienced ground responses during 1819 and 2001 earthquakes. The Mw 7.6, 2001...
    - 27-sep-2017

  2. Mesoproterozoic Suturing Of Archean Crustal Blocks In Western Peninsular India : New Insights On India-Madagascar Correlations

    Ishwar Kumar, C
    The structural lineament mapping of southern India along withgeological, geochronological datasets help in redefining the Precambrian crustal blocks.The newly proposed Kumta and Mercara suture zones welding Archean crustal blocks in western peninsular India offer critical insights into the crustal evolution of Gondwana. The Kumta suturemainly consists of schistose rocks including quartz-phengite, garnet-biotite, chlorite, fuchsite and marble, whereas the Mercara suture contains mylonitic quartzo-feldspathic gneiss, garnet-kyanite-sillimanite gneiss, calc-silicate granulite and metagabbro. Metamorphic pressure-temperature estimations (Kumta suture: 11-18 kbar at 790-550oC; Mercara suture: 13 kbar at 825oC) suggest that, the sediments have undergone subduction to greater depths. The K-Ar age of biotite,...
    - 29-ago-2017

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