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  1. Paseos con Dorotea. Urbanismo, género, acción

    The main objective of this work is to analyze how performance and game can become a tool to observe space from a feminist perspective and thus bring social change. This research focuses on studies of urban planners and critical thinkers who work on everyday space. We part from the assumption that everyday space is far from neutral. Feminist theories have questioned the studies and the construction of cities as universal spaces that take all of its citizens into account. This project has tried to generate a methodology that allows the development of an analysis device for a specific neighbourhood, in this case...


    Behind the appearance gives a title to a series of works that arise from the need to foster the intuitive, imaginative and emotional capacity of our innermost being through a deep plastic analysis of the natural landscape It is through a methodological process that is adjusted to our particular experience of the natural environment as it is intended to carry out the production of a series of unpublished works that are based on a theoretical basis. The three main pillars on which this research will be based are: the use of intuition as a methodological tool, plastic experimentation and continuous formal...

  3. Visiones de la Albufera de ValenciaGrabados calcográficos menos tóxicos mediante métodos electrolíticos.

    Entre los materiales y procedimientos que se utilizan en el grabado calcográfico hay muchos que son perjudiciales para la salud. En la actualidad la sociedad reclama técnicas alternativas que sean menos tóxicas, y el grabado calcográfico no se escapa a esta tendencia. Concretamente en el caso del grabado se han buscado alternativas más inocuas, tales como las técnicas electrolíticas. El objetivo general de este trabajo es determinar qué variables del proceso de grabado menos tóxico proporcionan los resultados óptimos, experimentando de un modo especial con los procesos electrolíticos, cuyo uso es menos conocido, para llegar a obtener una serie de grabados...


    In this essay contemporary processes of creation and artistic interpretation are questioned from the point of view of irony, black humor and paradox by means of a theoretical - practical project based on taking certain artistic principles to the limit. This approach is solved by the development of several works using different languages as xylography, serigraphy, lithography, photography, art book, short story and animation.

  5. La contaminación ambiental como tema de arte

    Art is not just an art of display, More expression of the author's thoughts and emotions, through a variety of expressions of art can entice people to see, stay, think. The problem of China's environmental pollution is increasingly serious, environmental awareness of people has not improved, a vicious circle of pollution problems. This article will be China's environmental pollution problems and features as the starting point, Through the stage, photography, painting and other artistic mediums to express their connotation and denotation of visual effects, establish a link between art and environmental pollution and environmental awareness, We hope to awaken the thought and action of...

  6. Aplicación del modelado digital y la impresión 3D en el proceso de elaboración de props Y FIGURAS COLECCIONABLES

    Application of digital modeling techniques and 3D printing to developing original props and interpretations and replicas of objects from audiovisual products, video games, comic, graphic novel, etc. , into a professional profile known as "prop maker".

  7. Fotografía erótica: proyecto personal

    Practical work consisting in a photobook about erotic photography. For this end a comparison has been established among nude photography, erotic photography and pornographic photography. Their characteristics, similarities and differences have been analyzed, along with relevant examples, especially in the topic of erotic photography. With this premises in mind, we created a photographic project in a photobook format containing 6 series of photographies reflecting erotism in everyday life and variety in body shapes.

  8. Deutsch für ausländer. ( alemán para extranjeros). Cuaderno de viaje

    [E] S hort after living a few months in Germany, was when the idea of this project came up. This work is composed of three artist’s books, each one of them reflects a different aspect of what it means to live in a foreign country from a personal point of view. The first book focuses on the learning of the lenguage. The second talks about the places that we visit and the last one is based on the people we meet. This report is divided into two parts: the first explains what an artist’s book is and gives a brief historical...

  9. Jana: realización de un corto de animación tradicional

    Jana is about the entire process of creation of a 2D traditional animation short film, starting with the original idea till the postproduction. The short film Jana is inspired by the cantabric mythology with a young and simple view, but also mysterious and enigmatic. The final goal of this project is to explore the process of making an animated short film and thus to obtain great animation material to show on a demo reel.


    [ES] A continuación abarcaremos aspectos tanto del film realizado, Reborn , como del propio tema de este TFG: el trailer de Reborn . Guión propio. Al igual que el film , el trailer, también consta de 3 fases ( preproducci ón, producción y postproducción) en su elaboración, aunque la etapa de producción sería más bien el momento de selección de escenas y planos del metraje. Este primer trailer oficial de Reborn sería un Standard Teaser Trailer o Theatrical Trailer, que contiene planos de diversas secuencias de la película y será publicado, exhibido, en Internet meses antes del estreno del largometraje....


    [EN] This TFG approaches issues that pose a relationship between the world of art and bodybuilding, with special emphasis on the topics that are linked to bodybuilding and proposing a split of the limits of this sport to connect it with body art. From an internal point of view we think on the idea of beauty, the idea of body in its maximum splendor and the limits that take their bodies or their muscles. Also, they deal with topics as can be health and its sale to the public.

  12. Olympia.La imagen como medio propagandístico en la Alemania Nacionalsocialista. Libro de Artista.

    This project consists in artist¿s book creation based on Leni Riefenstahl¿s Olympia film, 1938. The book is divided into three sections, dealing with three basic aspects of the film and for each section an artistic work has been created that Once exposed and photographed is included in the book along with images related to the film and the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, as an intro- duction to the subject. Throughout the work we will talk about the art created in National Socia- list Germany, the propagandistic creation of the regime and other aspects related to the constructión of the image in...

  13. Ilustrando una historia de ciencia ficción. Concept art.

    This work seeks to deepen in the design and characterization of characters, which traverses the vision and conception of the body and its relationship with the technological and digital environment in a society based on futurism. It focuses on finding the most faithful design possible based on a literary science fiction story. Starting from an original amateur story, will be developed a series of illustrations and concept art of characters that, while not centering their argument on the topics studied below, they are involved in a reality completely different to the S.XXI, where pure humanity is limited and replaced by...

  14. De la figura femenina como objeto de representación a la mujer como artista.

    On this TFG is investigated the iconographic representation that has been granted to women throughout history to reach women as a recognized artist. With this theme, the project is dedicated to its dissemination in the classrooms and creates a complete pre-production of animation, on which in the future will be based the final animation.

  15. Corto de animación

    This graduation project consisted in making an animated short film, going through all its different stages (Scripwriting, character and background design, storyboard, animatic, color testing, animation, FX, editing and foley) during the course of 6 months (December - May). This written project depicts in a detailed way the fimmaking¿s process, as well as the cinematic and plastic pieces that served as an inspiration.

  16. Proyecto de Animación

    This gradua on project is focused on the preproduc on and produc on of a 2D anima on trailer based on an original story. It takes place on a X cen- tury viking village where magicians and ordinary people coexist in harmony. During this project it would be seen how the story, main characters and their environment has been developed, to nally produce the teaser. Group project.


    Mediante la gráfica digital, se busca crear una serie de imágenes para representar los miedos y las pesadillas que más nos atemorizan, para entenderlas y convivir con nuestros demonios.

  18. ¿Del Big Bang al Bosón de Higgs Un viaje por el universo conocido¿

    This editorial project is born from a very concrete proposal: to introduce the world of physics and the scientific dissemination into an artistic dimension such as illustrated books. It is true that there are many illustrated books of physics but, generally, both the illustration and the text have a dark nature and an impersonal, digital aesthetic. Aiming to unite the world of illustrated books for young people, which consists of a wide variety of styles and techniques nowadays, with the world of scientific dissemination for a young audience that is already initiated in physics. The content of the book encompasses...

  19. Libro como obra de arte, una aproximación desde el género al cuento de La Caperucita Roja

    This is a graphic and investigative project in which we use the book itself as an art piece, approaching popular literature of oral tradition, specifically, the various versions of Little Red Riding Hood. The aim of this study has been to delve into the collective imagination of one of the most well-known tales around the world, from the very firsts scripts where the spoken words were recorded. Moreover, the adaptations and adjustments the tale has experienced since the very beginning, their assimilation as a part of the universal culture, and the following interpretations of the media, either plastic or visual...

  20. QUÉ PASA CUANDO NO PASA NADA? : Documentar la cotidianidad de las personas en la ciudad

    Realizing the most insignificant aspects of people¿s everyday lives in the city is becoming increasingly difficult. We do not observe what surrounds us; instead, we are focused on our own purposes without seeing beyond. Through an action¿s development and the realization of three exhibition pieces afterwards, in this work we want to show the spectator (viewer) what happens when nothing happens. ¿Everyday life¿ and ¿rutine¿ concepts have been developed according to the

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