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2015-16 Mershon Center Conferences

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  1. Building Stronger Communities: Peace, Justice and Security

    International Conference on Conflict Resolution in Education
    The Ohio State University (OSU) and the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC) are partnering with schools, colleges, universities, and governmental and non- governmental organizations around the globe to host the International Conference on Conflict Resolution Education (CRE) June 8 – 13, 2016. The 2016 conference builds upon prior conferences between 2004 - 2013 in Ohio, and 2014 - 2015 in Virginia, which brought together government representatives from among the 50 states and around the globe and their non-governmental organization partners. The annual audience includes college/university educators and students, K-12 educators, prevention specialists, and state, local, national...

  2. The Nature of War: American Environments and World War II

    Breyfogle, Nicholas
    This workshop and the resulting edited volume will examine American involvement in World War II through an environmental lens, focusing on how the war reshaped American landscapes, institutions, and environmental thinking, and how wartime developments helped shape the contours of postwar American environments and environmental thinking. It will also explore the ways in which American environmental endowments structured and delimited the U.S. war effort — that is, how nature and natural resources (quantities, types, locations, accessibility, etc.) set the parameters for what is possible in total war and both directly and indirectly determine tactics and strategies. In exploring the case...

  3. Realizing Sustainability

    The fall COMPAS conference explored the value trade-offs that are involved in pursuing competing visions of a sustainable future. The spring COMPAS conference takes a turn toward the practical: the challenge of realizing sustainability. Who bears responsibility for this challenge and how can we motivate the necessary shifts in public policy and personal behavior? If the Paris meetings represent a moment, as President Obama has stated, when "nations embrace their responsibility to assure a world worthy of our children," what policy implications follow from that change in moral viewpoint? The conference will bring together an interdisciplinary group of experts from...

  4. Responsibility, Morality, and the Costs of War: PTSD, Moral Injury and Beyond

    McClatchey, Kevin; Parrott, Janet
    The Responsibility, Morality, and the Costs of War symposium blends performing and visual arts with leading research to explore the costs of war. Renowned Czech designer Simona Rybáková leads the creation of a performance/installation and delivers the Ohio State Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee Theatre Research Institute lecture. Assistant Professor Kevin McClatchy performs his new solo play, Scrap Heap, about a Special Forces veteran with PTSD.

  5. Water, Culture, and Society in Global Historical Perspective

    Breyfogle, Nicholas; Brown, Phillip
    This conference is the first of two linked international conferences focused on the provision, management, use, and cultural meanings of water and its relationship to patterns of human culture, politics, technology, and socio-economic organization across geographies and chronologies. The conference will focus on two related themes: "Water and Power" and "Controlling Water."

  6. The Art of Protest: Principles and Practices of Nonviolence

    Coy, Patrick; Poe, Danielle; Hovey, Craig
    The Student Peace Conference is an annual event started by the Peace Studies Society in 2013. This year’s conference, entitled The Art of Protest: Principles and Practices of Nonviolence, will consist of three workshops aimed at helping participants practice peace and nonviolence in their everyday lives and in direct action campaigns. This year’s presenters include Danielle Poe from the University of Dayton, Patrick Coy from Kent State University, and Craig Hovey from Ashland University. Additionally, one Ohio State student will be recognized with the Student Peace Award scholarship for their contribution to peace and social justice.

  7. Risk and Security

    Silverman, Allan; Peters, Ellen; Gelpi, Christopher
    The Mershon Center for International Security Studies in collaboration with the Decision Sciences Collaborative at The Ohio State University present the first annual conference on Risk and Security. The goal of the conference is to explore both qualitative and quantitative issues in risk and security, especially issues concerning decision making under uncertainty.

  8. Iron Curtain Crossings: Eastern Europe and the Global Cold War

    Dragostinova, Theodora; Fidelis, Malgorzata
    The goal of this workshop is to investigate the variety of ways in which eastern Europe emerged as an important international player, by promoting its own ideas of modernity, progress, humanism, culture, and everyday life. This workshop will bring together a number of scholars to debate the meaning of the global Cold War as it unfolded in diverse settings between eastern Europe and the outside world. The participants will discuss possibilities of formulating theoretical frameworks to challenge both the notion of Soviet “satellites” and the idea of “nation-states” as the dominant paradigms in studying eastern Europe. Instead, we are interested...

  9. Sustainability: Visions and Values

    What is Sustainability? What is it we're trying to sustain? What would a sustainable future look like? What sorts of institutions and institutional responses do we need to meet challenges and make sustainability practical, especially in business, local communities and universities? How are the costs, risks, and benefits of achieving sustainable systems to be shared within and between countries and regions? What are we preserving for future generations? What are we trying to provide for future generations? Do our processes for evaluating policies reflect those goals? How can we meet the challenges posed by global environmental problems within the current...

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