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This site is an institutional repository providing access to the book (monograph) publication output of Caltech. As is the nature of the institute whiles these books cover many different subjects, the majority are concerned with issues of the applied scientific disciplines. Part of the Caltech Online Digital Archives (CODA) project.

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  1. Smog: a report to the people

    Lees, Lester; Braly, Mark; Easterling, Mahlon; Fisher, Robert; Heitner, Kenneth; Henry, James; Horne, Patricia J.; Klein, Burton; Krier, James; Montgomery, W. David; Pauker, Guy; Rubenstein, Gary; Trijonis, John
    The Environmental Quality Laboratory (EQL) traces its origins to a series of discussions initiated by Caltech President Harold Brown on the feasibility of a Caltech Air Pollution Laboratory aimed at alleviating the smog problem in the South Coast Air Basin. In an address to the Institute for the Advancement of Engineering on February 28, 1970, [1] Dr. Brown summarized the main conclusions of a faculty-JPL study group on smog led by Professor Carver Mead that preceded the formation of the EQL. To quote from Dr. Brown's address, the most important conclusion "is that there are other factors which are as...
    (application/pdf) - 25-ago-2011

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