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  1. The 2011 Magnitude 9.0 Tohoku-Oki Earthquake: Mosaicking the Megathrust from Seconds to Centuries

    Simons, Mark; Minson, Sarah E.; Sladen, Anthony; Ortega, Francisco; Jiang, Junle; Owen, Susan E.; Meng, Lingsen; Ampuero, Jean-Paul; Wei, Shengji; Chu, Risheng; Helmberger, Donald V.; Kanamori, Hiroo; Hetland, Eric; Moore, Angelyn W.; Webb, Frank H.
    Geophysical observations from the 2011 moment magnitude (M_w) 9.0 Tohoku-Oki, Japan earthquake allow exploration of a rare large event along a subduction megathrust. Models for this event indicate that the distribution of coseismic fault slip exceeded 50 meters in places. Sources of high-frequency seismic waves delineate the edges of the deepest portions of coseismic slip and do not simply correlate with the locations of peak slip. Relative to the M_w 8.8 2010 Maule, Chile earthquake, the Tohoku-Oki earthquake was deficient in high-frequency seismic radiation-a difference that we attribute to its relatively shallow depth. Estimates of total fault slip and surface...
    (application/pdf; application/pdf) - 06-oct-2017

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