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  1. Generalized non-reciprocity in an optomechanical circuit via synthetic magnetism and reservoir engineering

    Fang, Kejie; Luo, Jie; Metelmann, Anja; Matheny, Mathew H.; Marquardt, Florian; Clerk, Aashish A.; Painter, Oskar
    Synthetic magnetism has been used to control charge neutral excitations for applications ranging from classical beam steering to quantum simulation. In optomechanics, radiation-pressure-induced parametric coupling between optical (photon) and mechanical (phonon) excitations may be used to break time-reversal symmetry, providing the prerequisite for synthetic magnetism. Here we design and fabricate a silicon optomechanical circuit with both optical and mechanical connectivity between two optomechanical cavities. Driving the two cavities with phase-correlated laser light results in a synthetic magnetic flux, which, in combination with dissipative coupling to the mechanical bath, leads to non-reciprocal transport of photons with 35 dB of isolation. Additionally, optical...
    (application/pdf; application/pdf) - 19-may-2017

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