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Journal of Amish and Plain Anabaptist Studies: Volume 4, Issue 1 (Spring 2016)

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  1. Front Matter (Volume 4, Issue 1, Spring 2016)

  2. The Amish Settlement in Honduras, 1968-1978: A (Half) Failed Attempt to Develop an Amish Understanding of Mission

    Anderson, Cory; Anderson, Jennifer
    For their several-hundred years of successfully maintaining Amish settlements in North America, for what reason would a group of families—largely from Nappanee, IN, and Aylmer, ON—want to start a settlement in Honduras? This account traces the genesis of this Latin American settlement to the mid-century restlessness among Old Order Amish for religious and moral reform. The account especially follows families from Daviess County, IN, who, after failed settlement attempts in Michigan and Ohio, helped found Aylmer, ON, a successful revisionist Amish settlement. From there, Peter Stoll, one of the Aylmer founders, desired to move to Honduras for two reasons: (1)...

  3. Hutterite Colonies and the Cultural Landscape: An Inventory of Selected Site Characteristics

    Evans, Simon M.; Peller, Peter
    Hutterite colonies are a growing and sustainable element in the cultural landscape of the Canadian Prairies and Northern Great Plains of the United States. Their increasing numbers do something to offset the disappearance of the smallest service centers on the plains. While the diffusion of these communities has been well documented, the morphology of the settlements has been less well studied. New technology makes it possible to remotely evaluate selected characteristics of almost all Hutterite colonies. This paper describes the differences, with respect to orientation, layout and housing types, both between the four clan groups and within the Dariusleut and...

  4. The Role of the Teacher-Principal on Hutterite Colony Schools in Saskatchewan

    Rodger, William Randall
    Hutterite colony teacher-principals' roles in their classrooms and schools were examined in this qualitative multiple-site case study. Four teacher-principals' perceptions of how their teaching and administrative responsibilities impacted their work/life and how the relationship contributed to tension between the two roles were studied. Pre-interviews, interviews (formal and informal), and classroom participation and observation occurred over four months. Three themes emerged from the study: (1) dealing with and balancing multiple roles on a daily basis; (2) the teachers' beliefs in the primacy of teaching; and (3) the daily impact of school division and provincial relationships. Rising educational expectations on the colonies,...

  5. The Amish Beard Cutting Case: A Defense Lawyer's Perspective

    Bryan, Edward

  6. Book Reviews

    Louden, Mark; Savage, Dale; Turner, Kira; Anderson, Jennifer; Pratt, Dorothy

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