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  1. Developing Measures for Valuing Changes in Biodiversity: Phase 1: a review of relevant ecological and economic literature

    Christie, M.; Warren, J.; Hanley, N.; Murphy, K.; Wright, R.

  2. The Potential of Market Mechanisms for the Control of Pollution. Report, June 1991

    Hanley, N.D.; Hallett, S.; Moffatt, I.; Farley, D.; Pezzey, J.

  3. Applying the ROBINS-I tool to natural experiments: an example from public health

    Thomson, Hilary; Craig, Peter; Hilton-Boon, Michele; Campbell, Mhairi; Katikireddi, Srinivasa Vittal
    Background: A new tool to assess Risk of Bias In Non-randomised Studies of Interventions (ROBINS-I) was published in Autumn 2016. ROBINS-I uses the Cochrane-approved risk of bias (RoB) approach and focusses on internal validity. As such, ROBINS-I represents an important development for those conducting systematic reviews which include non-randomised studies (NRS), including public health researchers. We aimed to establish the applicability of ROBINS-I using a group of NRS which have evaluated non-clinical public health natural experiments. Methods: Five researchers, all experienced in critical appraisal of non-randomised studies, used ROBINS-I to independently assess risk of bias in five studies which had assessed the health...

  4. Decolonising lifelong learning in the age of transnational migration

    Guo, S.; Maitra, S.

  5. Crafting ‘enterprising’ workers through work-related training among Canada’s South Asian professional immigrants

    Maitra, Srabani

  6. Producing the aesthetic self: An analysis of aesthetic labour in the organised retail industries in Kolkata

    Maitra, S.; Maitra, S.

  7. Reforming The Kirk: the Future of the Church of Scotland

    Gay, Doug
    The Church of Scotland has had a profound social and cultural influence on all aspects of Scottish life for over 450 years. Yet many feel that times now are harder for the Church than ever before - and that spirits are low. People are asking what has happened to the Church that they have loved, served and belonged to for so long and how the Church can have a strong, vibrant future. The Church's motto, semper reformanda, means 'always to be reformed,' but what kind of reformation is needed now to bring about the future for which so many so long? Doug...

  8. Practising subalternity? Nyerere’s Tanzania, the Dar School and postcolonial geopolitical imaginations

    Sharp, Joanne

  9. Epidemics: Hate and Compassion from the Plague of Athens to AIDS

    Cohn, Samuel

  10. Modern Monsters: Golems, Vampires, and the Ghosts of War

    Spiro, Miriam

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