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Ohio Journal of School Mathematics: Number 70 (Fall 2014)

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  1. Remembering Bert "Hank" Waits

  2. Respect the Mathematics You Teach

    Rising, Gerald; Patenaude, Ray

  3. Guest Editorial: Math Anxiety and the Common Core

    Tobias, Sheila; Piercey, Victor

  4. Geometry between the Folds

    Wares, Arsalan
    The purpose of this paper is to describe the mathematics that emanates from the construction of an origami box. We first construct a simple origami box and then discuss some of the mathematical questions that arise in the context of geometry and calculus.

  5. Making a Mathematical Symphony: Emphasis on Relational Thinking and Connections

    Miracle-Meiman, Beth; Thomas, Jonathan
    Relational thinking is a necessary and vital component for true conceptual understanding of mathematical thinking and application. Teachers and administrators who realize and nurture this pedagogical component through the study of vertical knowledge, collaboration, and ongoing professional development are solidifying a strong foundational mathematical journey for their students.

  6. The Mathematics of the Monarchs: Enriching the Butterfly Project

    Sharp, Brian
    The raising, tagging and releasing of Monarch butterflies is a staple in many science classes. However, there are several aspects of Monarch butterflies that can be used as a basis for interesting mathematics lessons. In addition to providing examples of activities related to Monarch butterflies, this article also discusses ways in which students might think about the mathematical concepts involved.

  7. Building Scale Models of D.C. Memorials

    Hendrickson, Katie A.; Sudnick, Nina
    This article describes an activity completed by middle school math students prior to the class trip to Washington, D.C. The activity could be completed by students in grades 6-10 working with ratios, proportional reasoning, and scale models. This activity combines mathematical content with research and historical facts from our nation’s capital, as well as real-life experiences on information gathering and messy data.

  8. Using Mathematics to Design Costumes: Hat Making

    Harkness, Shelly Sheats; Truhart, Regina; Gregson, Susan
    Costuming and design for theatrical productions requires the creative use of mathematics and mathematical processes. To introduce students to the relationship between mathematics and art in costume design, mathematics educators collaborated with a costuming and design professor from the College Conservatory of Music to create this series of activities based on one expressive element – the hat. A central goal of the series of activities was to help students understand the role of mathematics in both the structural and aesthetic components of the design process. Mathematical Practices, Ratio and Proportion, and Geometry Common Core Standards are addressed.

  9. Derivatives at Several Points: An Important Step between Derivative at a Point and Derivative Function

    Flores, Alfinio; Park, Jungeun; Sherman, Milan
    We present activities, with an interactive computer program, that serve to bridge two related but different concepts, derivative at a point and derivative function, and to help students understand better the relationships between the two. First, students work with tangent lines to the graph of the sine function at several points and then tabulate and graph the values of the slopes of these lines for the corresponding values of x. Then, students extend the function to an interval tracing the values of the slopes as the values of x change. Finally, students graph simultaneously the values of quotients of increments for several values of x to make more explicit the relation between...

  10. Contest Corner: 2014 OCTM State Tournament of Mathematics Results

    Flick, Michael; Kuchey, Debbie

  11. Back Matter (Number 70, Fall 2014)

  12. Front Matter (Number 70, Fall 2014)

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