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Ohio Journal of School Mathematics: Number 66 (Fall 2012)

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  1. Taxicab Travel: Mathematically Touring Baltimore

    Fout, Nick; Marker, Jennifer; Lotz, Lauren; Porter, Sarah

  2. Curve fitting with the Bubble Board

    Hammons, Alexandrea N.; Flores, Alfinio; Pelesko, John A.; Biehl, L. Charles

  3. Toward an Understanding of Mathematical Procedures

    Hodgson, Ted; Eisenhardt, Sara; Mugavin-Smith, Jennifer

  4. Using Literacy Strategies for High-Stakes Assessment Preparation

    Saliga, Linda Marie; Pachnowski, Lynne M.

  5. Mathematical Morsels: A Monthly Voyage of Problem-Solving Goodness

    Bolognese, Chris; Edwards, Todd

  6. Math Circles Inscribed in Ohio

    Locke, Chris; Oyster, Jeff; MacDonald, Kristin; Soprunova, Jenya; Caniglia, Joanne

  7. Always Improving: Turning Test Responses into Learning Opportunities

    Parke, John S.

  8. An Interesting Application of the Difference of Two Squares

    Reid, Denise Taunton; Goel, Sudhir K.

  9. The 2012 State Tournament of Mathematics Results

    Flick, Michael; Kuchey, Debbie
    Includes Errata (Spring 2012) on page 46.

  10. Back Matter (Number 66, Fall 2012)

  11. Front Matter (Number 66, Fall 2012)

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