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  1. Preferencias turísticas de los chinos para viajar al extranjero

    Qin, Yi; Giménez Chornet, Vicent
    [EN] With China's economic growth has increased in recent years overseas travel. The reasons, characteristics and preferences of the Chinese population to travel abroad, we analyzed: tastes, preferred travel season, duration of the trip, travel information search channels, preferred destinations, or the problems that the Chinese have when traveling abroad.
    - 06-dic-2017

  2. Las instituciones frente a la declaratoria de la pirekua, canto tradicional de los p’urhépecha

    Flores Mercado, Georgina
    [EN] This article analyses the process of UNESCO nomination of the pirekua, the traditional song of the indigenous Purepecha people (Mexico). The nomination of the pirekua as Intangible Cultural Heritage by the UNESCO was controversial. Purepecha communities were neither informed nor consulted about the nomination, a situation which then led to conflict. In order to understand better this process of nomination we identify distinct social agents, as well as their positions within this process. The article focuses on the analysis of the behavior of Mexican state institutions both at a federal and state level. Using the field theory of Pierre...
    - 06-dic-2017

  3. El proyecto cultural: hacia una revisión del concepto en la perspectiva de un marco referencial

    Figueroa Miranda, Gustavo Alejandro
    [EN] The project methodology is currently one of the most used technical tools of action in Cultural Management. This article proposes a revision of the concept of cultural project, trying to investigate beyond its functional advantages. From an analysis of some of the problems and criticisms that question the methodology in some sense, it is postulated that a research is possible from a deeper, more situable and complete comprehension perspective of the concept. The perspective that is proposed is Cultural Management, interpreted as a new way of understanding and workingaround issues of the cultural sector in terms of development. In...
    - 06-dic-2017

  4. Paradigma actual de los festivales flamencos, desde la perspectiva de la Gestión Cultural

    Lozano Jiménez, Juan Simón
    [EN] Current paradigm of flamenco festivals, from the perspective of cultural management is the result of the project to Joint Masters in Cultural Management at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, University of Valencia. This study discusses the current models of cultural management have to flamenco festivals in Spain, on the assumption of many flamenco, which indicated that the flamenco festivals need a reformulation. The study empirically test besides experts what they thought, through on-line surveys to the managers of these festivals, we have provided new data that management, through economic, political and quality, human resources, social media, intellectual property and other efforts. Not only provide identified gaps, but also a number of proposed improvements
    - 10-ene-2018

  5. La política cultural en Italia y las innovaciones del siglo XXI

    Niglio, Olimpia
    [EN] The paper analyzes the development of the first experiences of the sixteenth century cultural policy in Italy until the beginning of the twenty-first century with the institutional reform initiated by the Minister Dario Franceschini. In the pre-unificationState it has been many important contributions of several local rulers who imposed conservation policies to prevent the dispersal of works of art. After the unification of Italy (1861) the laws of protection of the national heritage have helped to initiate the first important initiatives that have developed in practice only at the end of the twentieth century. Great institutionalinnovations and regulatory activated...
    - 10-ene-2018

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