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Culturas. Revista de Gestión Cultural

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  1. Principales componentes de la imagen corporativa de entidades culturales

    Ramis Carrasco, María; Pérez Cabañero, Carmen
    [EN] In the present research, we carry out an analysis of the corporate image of a cultural organization which aims tohighlight its role in order to design management strategies in the cultural field. We investigate what particular attributes are better assessed by the public and which dimensions compose the corporate image of a cultural organization. Based on the literature review, we made an in-depth interview to the programming manager of a cultural organization and also a descriptive survey on its audience through a structured questionnaire.The results of the analyses show that the corporate image of the cultural organization under study...
    - 22-abr-2017

  2. Nuevas metodologías expositivas en museos

    González Ceballos, Sara
    [EN] What we would like to achieve is a “estado de la cuestión” about new methodologies that are being used in the museums to create a link between the observer and the piece, which tools and methods are used, though analysis and observation. We are facing an important search of information, to update some of the old concepts about how to expose via impartial investigation
    - 22-abr-2017

  3. Modelo de Evaluación para Ciudades Sensibles

    [EN] In this article we made a research about the Sentient Cities and produced an assessment model to analyse if a city is or could be potentially considered one. It can be used to evaluate the current situation of a city before introducing urban policies based on citizen participation in hybrid environments (physical and digital).To that effect, we've developedevaluation grids with the main elements that form a Sentient City and their measurement values. The Sentient City is a variation of the Smart City, also based on technology progress and innovation, but where the citizens are the principal agent. In thismodel, governments...
    - 22-abr-2017

  4. La proyección exterior del teatro español contemporáneo: el papel del Centro Dramático Nacional y la Compañía Nacional de Teatro Clásico

    Colina Martín, Sergio; Gaviño, Carlota
    [EN] Efficient strategies in the field of cultural diplomacy, implemented in coherent ways by public administrations, can be crucial in promoting the internationalization of national theatre and the presence of Spanish creative agents abroad. From a perspective that combines cultural management analysis and an approach based on international relations, this article analyzes the role played by two Spanish public institutions (Centro Dramático Nacional and Compañía Nacional de Teatro Clásico) during the period 1978-2013, in an attempt to identify weaknesses and strengths in their historical developmentas well as future potentials
    - 22-abr-2017

  5. Fracaso o mutación: Un derrotero azaroso tras una pérdida de objetivos

    Ruvira Palau, Lucas
    [EN] It is known that the term "culture" is very polysemic. The concept to which it alludes, even with scarce centuries of existence, is very broad and encompasses a myriad of definitions and connotations, which have been treated by ethologists, anthropologists and educators in their different fields. But almost all of them underlie a vision of knowledge transmission, as well as progressivity and growth. Cultural development can be considered as an imperative of behavior for personal and social development. However, in recent times this imperative seems to be blurred in a looser sense of its meaning, where other spurious meanings...
    - 22-abr-2017

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