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RiuNet es el Repositorio Institucional de la Universitat Politècnica de València, gestionado por la Biblioteca, cuyo objetivo es ofrecer acceso en Internet a la producción científica, académica y corporativa de la comunidad universitaria con la finalidad de aumentar su visibilidad y hacerla accesible y preservable.

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  1. Propuesta de un modelo de comunicación para proyectos culturales a través de gabinetes de prensa

    García Torres, María
    [EN] Whether out of ignorance or out of the lack of funds, communication is an areathat isoften overlooked when starting a cultural project. However, the dissemination of the project through the media can be keyfor its survival due to the fact that cultural journalists act as prescribers, encouragingtheconsumption in the intermediate future of the leisure and cultural products they are reporting about. The following paperanalyzes the context of the media and the specificity of cultural journalism. It also presents my own modelfor developingpress offices that specialize press in culture, detailing the work tools needed and on how to use them....

  2. La política cultural en Italia y las innovaciones del siglo XXI

    Niglio, Olimpia
    [EN] The paper analyzes the development of the first experiences of the sixteenth century cultural policy in Italy until the beginning of the twenty-first century with the institutional reform initiated by the Minister Dario Franceschini. In the pre-unificationState it has been many important contributions of several local rulers who imposed conservation policies to prevent the dispersal of works of art. After the unification of Italy (1861) the laws of protection of the national heritage have helped to initiate the first important initiatives that have developed in practice only at the end of the twentieth century. Great institutionalinnovations and regulatory activated...

  3. La memòria històrica com a mecanisme cultural de dinamització del món local

    Graupera Gargallo, Isabel; Grau Rebollo, Jordi
    [EN] The author analyzes two projects on oral history executed by both municipalities of Barcelona's province, Sant Just Desvern and Premià de Dalt. The projects, financed by the regional government until the beginning of the present recession, had been however carried out by the local administration thanks to a social network of locals, small institutions and public workers. This study focuses on the strategies and common plannings that took place on both cities.

  4. La dinamización en el ámbito turístico mediante la puesta en valor de los Bienes de Interés Cultural Inmaterial

    Ramón Fernández, Francisca
    [EN] In this paperwe seek to reflecton the relationshipbetween heritageand tourismthroughthe declaration ofprotection of propertyandIntangibleAsset ofCultural Interest.Law4/1998, onJune 11th, theCulturalHeritageof Valencia, as amended in 2004 and 2007includes thedeclarationof certaingoodsrepresentativeof thetraditional Valencianlifestyles andculture.As well as the expressions of the traditions of the people in his musical manifestation, artistic, gastronomic and of leisure, and especially those that have been an object of oral transmission and that support and promote the use of the Valencian one. It is for it that the declaration like immaterial BIC has contemplated many of the festivities most known about our Comunitat Valenciana, such as “Las Hogueras de...

  5. El baile en La Botiga de la Balda Registro de los espectáculos representados en base a los datos recopilados en los Libros de cuentas del teatro (1761-1832)

    García Moscardó, Verónica
    [EN] This article comes from the investigation work "Study of the presence of dance in the theater program of the city of Valencia between 1761 and 1808 based on data collected from the Municipal Newspaper Archives and the Archive of the Provincial Council of Valencia, General Hospital". It has been complete with the research developed within the Doctoral Program in communication industries and cultural, spanning from 1808 to 1832 and focuses on Hospital until the moment that La Botiga de la Balda was definitively closed. The objective is a reconstruction of the role of dance in the cultural life of Valencia through its programming in the places of...

  6. Bienes Culturales, Museos y Turismo: Análisis del factor público en el Museo de Cáceres (España)

    Marcos Arévalo, Javier; Mendes, Analia Verónica
    [EN] The presentwork exposes the interim analysis of the results obtained so faron the ongoing research carried on over the Social Anthropology final Master ́s degree project at the University of Extremadura entitled "Analysisof public factor at the Cáceres’Museum".The research aims to establish a profile of each one of the Caceres Museum Visitors and also to aknowledge the perceptions, representation and the connection the Museum neighborhood residents have towards the institution with the idea of using this previously mentioned gathered information in order to contribute to the planification of activities and to generate links between the Museum and its public.In...

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