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  1. Utilización de herramientas de cálculo complejas en el aula: desarrollo de LPRES Library

    Tizón Pulido, Juan Manuel; Sierra, Pablo; Navarro, Emilio
    [EN] Normally, classroom problems are solved using over-simplified models which allow to obtain the solution manually. However, these problems are addressed in the industry with very sophisticated software packages that have long learning curves. For obvious reasons of time and space, this professional software cannot be used in the classroom activities. In this work, it is built LPRES Library that emulates the elements of the professional ESPSS Library and it is possible to simulate liquid rocket engines using EcosimPro package. LPRES library employs simple models that the student manages to solve classroom problems but now they can address the simulation of real systems with many elements.

  2. Modelización de crecimientos microbianos en medios heterogéneos y de movilidad reducida

    Font Marques, Meritxell; Ginovart Gisbert, Marta
    [EN] In this paper we have analysed various computer models published in scientific journals dealing with the study of microbial growth in semi-solid and heterogeneous environments on surface, to assess the interest and usefulness that these models could have in an academic context. We have chosen two of the analysed models as fundamental references and specific sources of information for the design and configuration of a new individual-based model that can be handled in the study of microbial systems. The new model developed, called INDISIM-Plate-NL, can deal with non-planktonic growth of the bacterium Escherichia coli on a surface, and it has been implemented in the free...

  3. Diseño físico-matemático de un espectrómetro óptico

    Ferrando Martín, Vicente; Remón Martín, Laura; Furlan, Walter D.; Monsoriu Serra, Juan A.
    [EN] This work presents the design and construction of a spectrometer made in the laboratory and the development of mathematical models needed to process and analyze the acquired spectrum. For modeling functions it has been used LabVIEW program. The aim is to bring this type of instrumentation to engineering students from both, physical and mathematical point of view. The application has been successfully integrated in the learning strategies of the course Sensores Fisicos, Master Universitario en Sensores Para Aplicaciones Industriales at the Universitat Politecnica de Valencia. As an example, we have characterized different light sources emitting in different regions of the electromagnetic spectrum.

  4. Didáctica de las matemáticas y arquitectura: la razón áurea en la Lonja de Valencia

    Donat, Paula; Rueda, Pilar; Sánchez-Pérez, Enrique Alfonso
    [EN] This paper has a twofold purpose. First, to structure and relate a teaching experience on the tutoring of a graduation work in Mathematics made in the University of Valencia. The main property of the didactic purpose involved in the project is that it deals with the geometric properties of a landmark building of the city of Valencia. Our aim is to analyze the process of formulation, firming up, documentation and elaboration of the work that was followed during this experience. Second, to analyze the methodology used to obtain and valuate the results that come from one of the fundamental parts of this work: the harmonic decomposition...

  5. Correlación entre las propiedades macro, micro y nanomecánicas en polímeros termoplásticos biodegradables

    Arrieta, Marina Patricia; López Martínez, Juan; Ferrándiz Bou, Santiago; Rayón Encinas, Emilio
    [EN] In this work a study of the mechanical properties of a biodegradable polymer, poly(lactic acid) (PLA), and its variation due to the addition of 25 wt % of another biodegradable polymer, poly(hydroxybutyrate) (PHB) is presented. The PLA sample and the PLA-PHB (75:25) blend were characterized in terms of their mechanical properties by means of tensile test measurements, microhardness and nanoindentation with the aim of providing a comprehensive approach of the mechanical properties of these materials to facilitate the students of material science understanding the mechanical properties of biodegradable polymers.

  6. Càlcul de coordenades geogràfiques a partir de les estrelles: una proposta didàctica entre les matemàtiques i l'astronomia

    Ferrando Palomares, Irene; Pedro Ferrer, María Luisa
    [EN] This paper presents a didactical proposal for 11th grade students. The purpose of the activities is to show the relationship between astronomy and mathematics, specifically with the calculation of both geographic coordinates: latitude and longitude. The methodology used encourages independent work of students by using interactive digital applications and manipulative materials. These ressources allow students to work more easily with threedimensional geometry concepts that, otherwise, are abstract for them. The proposal is based on a classic problem: find the exact geographic position of any point on the Earth.

  7. Algunos secretos del documento nacional de identidad español: una aplicación de la aritmética modular a códigos detectores de errores

    Esteban Romero, Ramon
    [EN] We present some control characters and digits present in the Spanish national identity document as an example of the application of modular arithmetics to the design of error correcting codes. This activity has been developed inside the ESTALMAT programme for the stimulation of mathematical talent and in the summer scientific campuses organised by VLC/Campus

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