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The EuroCALL Review

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  1. Usage and efficacy of electronic dictionaries for a language without word boundaries

    Toyoda, Etsuko
    [EN] There is cumulative evidence suggesting that hyper-glossing facilitates lower-level processing and enhances reading comprehension. There are plentiful studies on electronic dictionaries for English. However, research on e-dictionaries for languages with no boundaries between words is still scarce. The main aim for the current study is to investigate the usage and efficacy of e-dictionaries for Japanese language learners. This article reports the results of two studies concerning e-dictionaries: a survey study investigating the use of e-dictionaries (with a particular focus on e-glossaries that change a digital text into a hypertext) by L2 learners of Japanese, and a comparative study examining...

  2. New Perspectives on Teaching and Working with Languages in the Digital Era

    Seiz Ortiz, Rafael
    Seiz Ortiz, R. (2016). New Perspectives on Teaching and Working with Languages in the Digital Era. The EuroCALL Review. 24(2):65-67. doi:10.4995/eurocall.2016.6516.

  3. Lingora

    Hutchings, Edmund
    [EN] Lingora is an online language learning community for intermediate to advanced learners. People who want to improve at speaking the languages they study can receive written and audio recorded feedback about their accent, pronunciation, intonation and accuracy from native speakers.

  4. Could a multimodal dictionary serve as a learning tool? An examination of the impact of technologically enhanced visual glosses on L2 text comprehension

    Sato, Takeshi
    [EN] This study examines the efficacy of a multimodal online bilingual dictionary based on cognitive linguistics in order to explore the advantages and limitations of explicit multimodal L2 vocabulary learning. Previous studies have examined the efficacy of the verbal and visual representation of words while reading L2 texts, concluding that it facilitates incidental word retention. This study explores other potentials of multimodal L2 vocabulary learning: explicit learning with a multimodal dictionary could enhance not only word retention, but also text comprehension; the dictionary could serve not only as a reference tool, but also as a learning tool; and technology-enhanced visual...

  5. Content and Language Integrating Learning with Technologies: an online global training experience

    Cinganotto, Letizia
    [EN] The focus of this report is the link between CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) and CALL (Computer-Assisted Language Learning), and in particular, the added value technologies can bring to the learning/ teaching of a foreign language and to the delivery of subject content through a foreign language. An example of a free online global training initiative on these topics will be described: “Techno-CLIL for EVO 2016”. An overview of the course will be offered, detailing some of the asynchronous and synchronous activities proposed during the five-week training experience which registered about 5000 participants from all over the world....


    López Santiago, Mercedes
    [FR] est un correcteur de grammaire et d’orthographe gratuit créé en 2001 par Stéfan Sinclair (Université McGill à Montréal) et Terry Nadasdi (Université d’Alberta à Edmonton). Il existe deux versions:, qui est gratuite; et, qui est payante. Selon les auteurs, la version Pro offre des avantages importants: un résumé de fautes suivi d’explications explicites, un outil de conjugaison et des exercices reliés aux fautes commises. Un correcteur similaire pour l'espagnol,, est aussi disponible. A notre avis, ces deux correcteurs de grammaire et d’orthographe, et, sont des outils fort adéquats pour l’auto-apprentissage du français et...

  7. A study of Chinese engineering students’ communication strategies in a mobile-assisted professional development course

    Cheng, Li
    [EN] The development of students’ professional skills is an important issue in higher education in China. This research reports a 3-month study investigating engineering students’ communication strategies (CSs) while they were interacting to do a 12-week mobile-assisted learning project, i.e., “Organizing and Attending a Model International Conference”. This learning project was a major teaching module of the English course of Professional Applications, which used a blended teaching mode integrating face-to-face instruction and mobile learning. Sixty-seven students volunteered to participate in the study. The instruments included eight oral communication sessions, a questionnaire, stimulated recall interviews, the participants’ WeChat exchanges, etc. Results...

  8. A Review of Mobile Language Learning Applications: Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities

    Heil, Catherine Regina; Wu, Jason S.; Lee, Joey J.; Schmidt, Torben
    [EN] Mobile language learning applications have the potential to transform the way languages are learned. This study examined the fifty most popular commercially-available language learning applications for mobile phones and evaluated them according to a wide range of criteria. Three major trends were found: first, apps tend to teach vocabulary in isolated units rather than in relevant contexts; second, apps minimally adapt to suit the skill sets of individual learners; and third, apps rarely offer explanatory corrective feedback to learners. Despite a pedagogical shift toward more communicative approaches to language learning, these apps are behaviorist in nature. To better align...

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