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Economía Agraria y Recursos Naturales - Agricultural and Resource Economics

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  1. Tree crops in Aragon: economic evaluation of an eventual prohibition of glyphosate

    Martínez, Yolanda; Pardo, Gabriel
    [EN] Conservation agriculture systems are linked to glyphosate as the main herbicide in tree crops. The recent debate on possible negative effects over human health has increased the farmers’ concern about an eventual prohibition of glyphosate in the future. The aim of this paper is to estimate the costs associated with an eventual prohibition of glyphosate in tree crops of Aragon. The costs of different alternative strategies were calculated: substitution of glyphosate in chemical control, minimum tillage, and natural or planted vegetal covers.

  2. Tax neutrality in determining farmers’ incomes; an issue that needs to be resolved

    Marí-Vidal, Sergio; Campos-Campillo, Ernesto
    [EN] Net income from agricultural activities to calculate personal income tax can be determined either by different methods, but whatever method is used the aim should be to obtain the same result in all cases (neutrality). The aim of this study is twofold: on the one hand to analyze the neutrality of the OA method as compared to the SDA method. On the other hand to devise a method that provides the net income index that when applied would ensure the neutrality of the OA method. The results obtained confirm the lack of neutrality. Also it could be interesting to...

  3. Sanitary and Phytosanitary measures in agri-food imports from the European Union: Reputation effects over time

    Taghouti, Ibtissem; Martinez Gomez, Victor David; Marti, Luisa
    [EN] The EU’s Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed provides information on sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) notifications. With a set of data from the 1998-2013 period, we test the hypothesis that past notifications can determine current notifications. This is the “reputation effect”, meaning that inspectors may tend to target products or countries with previous SPS problems. We analyze the scope of the reputation effect over time. We used two count data models to estimate the distribution of current notifications. In line with previous literature, our findings indicate that reputation does affect current EU notifications. Furthermore, we identify some relevant...

  4. Impact of decreasing staple food production capacity on food self-sufficiency in poor rural communities in Mexico

    Quintero Peralta, María Angélica; Gallardo Cobos, Rosa María; Ceña Delgado, Felisa
    [EN] The structural changes ensuing from the policies implemented in the primary sector in Mexico have led to the deterioration of food production capacity in small producers, increasing rural poverty. We performed 132 interviews with small producers in Hidalgo, Mexico and Morelos to assess production conditions and income, and used a multinomial logistic regression model to assess food self-sufficiency. The results indicate that if the level of food production is not substantially changed, then the probability of improving food self-sufficiency is low; giving rise to the subsequent deepening of poverty.

  5. Dynamic capabilities in the internationalization process of companies distributing products of the agribusiness sector

    Calderón García, Haydee; Kolbe, Diana
    [EN] The agri-food sector faces important internal and external barriers to internationalization that could be overcome by the development of dynamic capabilities. Generic dynamic capabilities generate sector and environment specific dynamic capabilities that directly contribute to overcome the barriers of internationalization. Our contribution is to determine which specific dynamic capabilities of the distribution companies collaborate to overcome these barriers and as a consequence to improve international results. A qualitative study with directors and managers of the sector was carried out. The results give rise to confirm that the specific dynamic capabilities largely help to resolve the internal barriers that hinder...

  6. A critical review of multi-criteria decision making in protected areas

    de Castro Pardo, Mónica; Urios, Vicente
    [EN] Multi-criteria analysis in collaborative decision making can provide a useful tool to improve the governance in protected areas with strong conflicts between stakeholders. This paper offers an in-depth review about MCDM methods in protected areas. The analysis considers the topics Land Use, Management, Species, and Zoning and it is based in two dimensions: Methods and Participation. Topics and MCDM methods and Topics and Participation were significantly related and contrasted using a Chi-squared test, respectively. We have identified two groups by topics: Zoning and Species use continuous non participative methods and Land Use and Management use discrete methods with increasing...

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