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  1. Testing for bubbles in agriculture commodity markets

    Areal, Francisco José; Balcombe, Kevin; Rapsomanikis, George
    [EN] We apply the recent generalized sup augmented Dickey-Fuller (GSADF) test for explosive bubbles (Phillips et al., 2012) to monthly time-series for food, beverages, agricultural raw material, cereals, dairy, meat, oils and sugar indices and a total of 28 agricultural commodities between 1980-2012. We found price bubbles occurred for 6 out of the 10 indices studied and for 6 out of the 28 commodities within food markets. Results from the tests can help implementing policies aimed at mitigating effects of future price bubbles to targeted food commodity markets that may require special attention.
    - 19-ene-2018

  2. Implementación de un método para alcanzar un paisaje resiliente mediante la ubicación apropiada de edificaciones rurales

    Jeong, Jin Su; García Moruno, Lorenzo; González Gómez, David; Carver, Steve
    [EN] Suitable location planning of rural buildings is a complex process to be in harmony with landscapes. This paper presents a multi-criteria spatial decision analysis approach using GIS techniques. The research aim is to evaluate the study area suitability to sustainably site tourism rural commercial buildings with landscapes. The criteria weights were decided by the authors from relevant literature, regional polices and European Union (EU) directives and experts’ discussion. The results reveal that the most suitable areas for placing them do not respond to a single solution. They explain the strengths of weighting flexibilities in the decision making proces.
    - 24-mar-2018

  3. Economic structure of fishing activity: an analysis of mackerel fishery management in the Basque Country

    García-Enríquez, Javier; Murillas-Maza, Arantza; Arteche, Josu
    [EN] This paper analyses the activity of the Basque fleet during the mackerel fishing season and presents an economic analysis of the equilibrium of this fishery. It seeks to determine whether its economic structure represents an internal factor explaining the fishermen’s behaviour. The inverse demand function and the average cost function are therefore estimated. Moreover, the analysis conducted here also takes into account the institutional dimension by factoring in current fishery regulation measures. Conclusions are drawn as to whether the incentives provided by the management measures and the strategy of fishermen are optimal on the basis of the estimated economic...
    - 24-mar-2018

  4. Aporte del empleo fuera de finca a los ingresos de hogares indígenas y mestizos de la Amazonía ecuatoriana

    Vasco, Cristian; Bilsborrow, Richard
    [EN] This study examines the process of income diversification among indigenous and mestizo households settled in one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots. The results of a random-effect tobit model show that agricultural wage work is the principal income source for homes with scarce or no land. Self-employment employs households with low endowments of education but high endowments of capital. Non-agricultural wage income absorbs educated individuals either indigenous or mestizo.
    - 24-mar-2018

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