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Ohio State Business Law Journal: Volume 5, Issue 1 (2010)

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  1. A Lesson From History, Roosevelt to Obama -- the Evolution of Broker-Dealer Regulation: From Self-Regulation, Arbitration, and Suitability to Federal Regulation, Litigation, and Fiduciary Duty

    Allen, Matthew P.

  2. Rules of Origin as International Trade Hindrances

    Mabrouk, Hatem

  3. The Employee Free Choice Act: The Effect of Compulsory Interest Arbitration on Entrepreneurs

    Glumac, Mark A.

  4. Shares of Thoroughbreds as Securities: Federal and Kentucky Securities Law Implications for Syndication in the Breeding and Racing Contexts

    Hill, Ryan D.

  5. The Americans With Disabilities Act Amendments Act: Surpassing the "Economically Significant" Threshold

    Kline, Abigail Adams

  6. Watter's About to Run Dry for National Banks Using Operating Subsidiaries to Circumvent Progressive State Consumer Protection Laws

    Lundregan, Scott M.

  7. "There's a Change in the Status Quo": Corporate Veil Piercing in Ohio After Dombroski v. WellPoint

    Manning, Mark R.

  8. Is Bank Secrecy Still Bankable?: A Critical Review of Bank Secrecy Law, Tax Evasion and UBS

    Schottenstein, Jaclyn H.

  9. Tax-Exempt Organizations Are Screaming for Guidance on How to Allocate Indirect Costs Between Related and Unrelated Business Activities - But Is Anybody Listening?

    Tabor, Kevin R.

  10. Garnett and Thompson: LLC and LLP Losses No Longer Passive Per Se

    Thomas, Jonathan W.

  11. When Talk Isn't Cheap: The Hidden Costs of Communication with Putative Class Members for Class Action Defense Counsel in a Post-Financial Recession World

    Williamson, Elizabeth M.

  12. Climate Change: The Real Threat to Delaware Corporate Law, Why Delaware Must Keep a Watchful Eye on the Content of Political Change in the Air

    Wilson, David M.

  13. Table of Contents (Volume 5, Number 1, 2010)

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