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Bulletins (Ohio Geological Survey)

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  1. History of the coal-mining industry in Ohio

    Crowell, Douglas L.
    Item is embargoed.

  2. Glacial geology of Northeastern Ohio

    White, George Willard, 1903-
    With a chapter on Pleistocene beaches and strandlines bordering Lake Erie by Stanley M. Totten.

  3. Pennsylvanian marine bivalvia and rostroconchia of Ohio

    Hoare, Richard David, 1927-; Sturgeon, Myron Thomas, 1908-; Kindt, Eugene A.

  4. Ohio - an American heartland

    Noble, Allen George, 1930-; Korsok, Albert J.

  5. Stratigraphy of the Cambrian and Lower Ordovician rocks in Ohio

    Janssens, Adriaan

  6. Pennsylvanian brachiopods of Ohio

    Sturgeon, Myron Thomas, 1908-; Hoare, Richard David, 1927-
    Plate leaves have description of following plate on verso.

  7. Pleistocene Mollusca of Ohio

    La Rocque, Aurèle, 1909-
    Four volumes. 1966-1970.

  8. Geology of Stark County

    DeLong, Richard M.; White, George Willard, 1903-

  9. Geology of Fairfield County

    Wolfe, Edward W.; Forsyth, Jane L. (Jane Louise), 1921-; Dove, George D.
    Chapter on ground-water resources prepared in cooperation with the United States Geological Survey.

  10. Geology of Knox County

    Root, Samuel I.; Rodríguez, Joaquín; Forsyth, Jane L. (Jane Louise), 1921-
    Includes errata.

  11. The geology and mineral resources of Athens County, Ohio

    Sturgeon, Myron Thomas, 1908-

  12. Geology and mineral resources of Morgan County, Ohio

    Norling, Donald L.

  13. Economic geography of Ohio

    Wright, Alfred J. (Alfred James), 1897-
    Second edition, revised.

  14. Ohio fossils

    La Rocque, Aurèle, 1909-; Marple, Mildred Fisher

  15. Geology of Coshocton County

    Lamborn, Raymond E. (Raymond Ellwood), 1890-

  16. Bibliography of Ohio geology, 1819-1950

    Watkins, Dorothy G.

  17. The Mississippian formations of Central and Southern Ohio

    Hyde, Jesse Earl, 1884-1936

  18. Limestones of Eastern Ohio

    Lamborn, Raymond E. (Raymond Ellwood), 1890-

  19. Geology of Holmes County

    White, George Willard, 1903-; Lamborn, Raymond E. (Raymond Ellwood), 1890-
    Including chapter on gas and oil by Raymond E. Lamborn.

  20. The occurrence of flint in Ohio

    Stout, Wilber, 1876-1961; Schoenlaub, R. A. (Robert Arnold), 1906-

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