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  1. Variación y sinonimia en las locuciones

    Rodríguez-Piñero Alcalá, Ana Isabel
    [EN] Researchers have traditionally established a link between synonymy and variation. This connection has been used to analyse phraseological units and their relationships within the language. Numerous extensive studies have been carried out on variation in phraseological units and their differentiation from synonymy. Recently, however, synonymy has begun to be understood as formal variation of the same semantic content within a functional language, either as free alternation (restricted view) or free alternation with complementary distribution (broad view). Thus, the aim of this work is to review the existing positions regarding the relationship between variation and synonymy in idioms as seen...

  2. The role of the grammar teaching: from communicative approaches to the common european framework of reference for languages

    López Rama, José; Luque Agulló, Gloria
    [EN] In the history of language teaching, the role of grammar has been addressed by a number of linguistic theories, pedagogies and, currently, within the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF). The way grammar is considered has a decisive influence on pedagogical practices, learning processes and many other areas involved in language teaching. This paper constitutes a revision of how grammar has evolved in the last fifty years paying special attention to its evolving role in both communicative (CLT) and post-communicative approaches and in the CEF.From this revision, some controversial issues concerning the pedagogic value of teaching grammar...

  3. Sentential evidentials in englihs medical research papers

    Alonso Almeida, Francisco; Adams, Heather
    [EN] This paper studies evidentiality in a corpus of medical research papers in English and Spanish. We concentrate on sentential evidentials, i.e. evidentials affecting a complete proposition, in both languages. We will show that these devices are more frequent in English than in Spanish, although the two languages use similar constructions to show authors' source/mode of information. Our study considers evidentials found in the different research sections in order to detect and describe intrageneric differences. This research aims to contribute (1) to the characterisation of the medical research papers in both languages, and (2) to the debate concerning the relationship...

  4. Resemblance operations and conceptual complexy in animal metaphors

    Iza Ervitia, Aneider
    [EN] For over thirty years cognitive linguists have devoted much effort to the study of metaphors based on the correlation of events in human experience to the detriment of the more traditional notion of resemblance metaphor, which exploits perceived similarities among objects. Grady (1999) draws attention to this problem and calls for a more serious study of the latter type of metaphor. The present paper takes up this challenge on the basis of a small corpus of 'animal' metaphors in English, which are essentially based on resemblance. Contrary to previous analyses by cognitive linguists (e.g. Lakoff & Turner 1989, Ruiz...

  5. Presente y futuro de la enseñanza de lenguas asistida por ordenador: ¿el final de una era?

    Martín Monje, Elena
    [EN] There is no doubt that Computer-Assisted Language Learning has undergone profound changes since its emergence last century and has accelerated its development in line with technological advances in recent years. Such has been the transformation that some authors have announced its disappearance as field for discussion. This article gives a brief overview of its evolution and examines the relationship between technology and foreign language teaching methodology. It also investigates the current trends ¿mobile learning and personal learning environments applied to language learning- and reflects on possible lines of development in the near future.

  6. Los marcadores de reformulación alemanes: entre la conexión y la argumentación

    Robles Sabater, Ferran
    [EN] Reformulation markers (das heißt, und zwar, beziehungsweise, nämlich) are discourse units that fulfil extrapredicative functions related to text coherence and cohesion, as well as to the guiding of the inferences which facilitate the construction of sentence meaning in view of a given communicative context. Contemporary German grammars have dealt with these units in a very partial way and have not attempted to find similarities in their meaning and discursive behaviour that allow us to define reformulation markers as a pragmatic (and not a lexical) category. Our research intends to show that the comprehensive representation of a marker must comprise...

  7. La dimensión cultural del individualismo y su impacto en el discurso

    Ivorra Pérez, Francisco Miguel
    [EN] This paper hypothesizes that the different cultural orientations that Spain and USA hold with respect to Hofstede's (2003/1991) Individualism cultural dimension may promote different professional discourse cultures in business we sites. A corpus of 100 business websites from the toy industry (50 from Spain and 50 from USA) was chosen for the analysis. With the help of the computer program SPSS Statistics 18 Software, a quantitative analysis is carried out to determine if there are significant statistical differences in relation to the linguistic variables that are used to convey information about the company in the business websites of both...

  8. Is the foreign language class really a more threatening place than the virtual enviroment?

    Arnaiz, Patricia
    [EN] Computer technology has the potential to provide rich resources for language teaching and learning. As computer access increases, so do new learning technologies in education. This paper is specifically interesed in the case of English language instruction in a Teacher Training Faculty, and blended e-learning components as tools for supporting English language acquisition. Through the analysis of a researcher-developed survey, this study examines and compares students¿ feelings and perceptions towards their participation in class and their participation in the online environment with the aim of detecting whether major differences between the two contexts exist. It also seeks to discover...

  9. How modality may function in some early issues of the philosophical transactions

    Banks, David
    The Philosophical Transactions was founded by Henry Oldenburg in 1665. The contents of the journal were based on his correspondence, and initially consisted of extracts from the many letters he received. The scope of the journal was that of "natural philosophy", or science and technology in contemporary terms. The linguistic features of its early issues are of particular interest. Among these is that of modality. A previous study indicated that the most common form used to express modality is that of the modal auxiliaries, and the most frequent auxiliaries are may and will. The type of modality that is most...

  10. Generative semantic mechanisms within morphologically complex words

    Sosa Acevedo, Eulalia
    [EN] This paper seeks to introduce an alternative perspective on the treatment of derivation within afunctional framework like Role and Reference Grammar (RRG). By taking a functional perspective, we assume that word formation is a two-dimensional phenomenon involving both onomasiological and grammatical components. Furthermore, grammatical processes are considered to be semantically motivated. In order to properly account for the internal mechanisms involved in word formation, we formulate affixal lexical representations by using Lexical Templates as devised within the LCM (see Mairal Usón & Faber 2007; Mairal Usón & Ruíz de Mendoza 2008a,b; Ruiz de Mendoza & Mairal Usón 2008; Butler...

  11. Estudio del uso del artículo a partir de un corpus paralelo de aprendices, CPATEI

    Hui-Chuan, Lu; Hsueh, Lu Lo
    [EN] El principal objetivo de nuestro trabajo es averiguar los usos del articulo por parte de alumnos taiwaneses que estudian espanol como segunda lengua extranjera e ingles como primera lengua extranjera, aplicando herramientas de corpus desarrolladas para facilitar la eficacia en el analisis sistematico del lenguaje. El presente estudio se basa en datos extraidos del Corpus Paralelo de Aprendices Taiwaneses de Espanol e Ingles (CPATEI) que construimos desde 2006. Basandonos en los estudios previos, utilizamos varias herramientas auxiliares con la intencion de facilitar, semi-automaticamente, la anotacion y el procesamiento de los usos del articulo. Ademas, examinamos errores como el uso...

  12. Enfoque semántico contrastivo Francés-Español del léxico del transporte y de la gestión en el ámbito turístico

    Eurrutia Cavero, Mercedes
    [EN] In the present study we propose to analyse the semantic changes that operate in management and transport terminology, two of the sectors which are essential in the field of tourism. We will analyse the phenomena of semantic extension and restriction, metaphor, metonymy and synecdoche and the projection that these figures of speech have in other sectors, such as computerized management; essential in any type of transaction. We will insist on the role of the context and the cotext, parameters essential to clarify the meaning of a given lexical unit. We will also consider the implications these semantic operations have...

  13. El juego lingüístico: una herramienta pedagógica en las clases de idiomas

    Díaz Sandoval, Ildefonso Gustavo
    [EN] Linguistic games constitute instruments and techniques that used in the learning of the language, they make this a much more motivational, active and interesting process. They are pedagogic activities that should be kept in mind in the designing of the curriculum and, therefore, to be part of our daily activities in the classroom, because they are instruments of language learning. They also help the professor to be closer to the students in a pleasant way and this contributes to facilitate the teaching-learning process. The present work consists on the compilation of a total of 40 linguistic games as useful...

  14. Does there exist passive voice in Lakhota and Cheyenne?

    Corral Esteban, Avelino
    [EN] This article attempts to provide conclusive evidence to decide on the existence or absence of passive in two Native American languages, namely Lakhota and Cheyenne, which exhibit a similar behaviour in this respect. Given that it is evident that these two languages do not show examples of an English-style passive, that is, considering the concept of "passive" from the viewpoint of traditional grammar, it will be necessary to study this issue from a different angle, presented in this case by the Role and Reference Grammar (hereafter RRG) (Van Valin and LaPolla, 1997). Thanks to its marked typological orientation, this...

  15. Do people selectively interpret their schwa vs. syllabic consonant perception on the basis of their background, experience and expectations?

    Arboleda Guirao, Inmaculada de Jesús
    This paper reports a study which intends to find out whether the claim made by Vandeveer, Menefee and Sinclair (2006:7) that ¿people selectively interpret what they see on the basis of their [¿] background, experience, [¿] and expectations¿ (a cognitive bias known as selective perception) applies to the English syllabic consonant vs. schwa perception and, if so, to what extent. The data in Arboleda (2010) were subjected to further statistical analyses and there was also the acoustic analysis of a sample of speech sounds as well as the answers from three referees to a post-task questionnaire. Our results match Vandeveer...

  16. Dictionnaire amoureux des langues

    Bidaud, Samuel
    [ES] Se trata de la reseña de un libro de C. Hagège

  17. Caracterización de la traducción: problemas, dificultades

    Durán Muñoz, Isabel
    [EN] The article aims at depicting the main translation problems and difficulties (Hurtado Albir, 2001: 288; Nord, 1991: 151) encountered in tourist translation so as to approach this specialised translation and to suggest possible solutions in order to increase the quality of tourist texts. As a result, the study is divided into several sections: firstly, a brief introduction to tourism and tourist translation from an interlingual and crosscultural viewpoint is provided. Subsequently, the concept of «quality» in translation and the parameters to reach an adequate level of quality in tourist translation are discussed to deepen this specialised translation and its...

  18. An insight into Twitter:a corpus based contrastive study in english and spanish

    Argüelles Álvarez, Irina; Muñoz Muñoz, Alfonso
    [EN] The aim of this paper is to study the use of Spanish and English in the micro-blogging social network Twitter from a contrastive point of view. A quantitative research methodology is applied in order firstly, to identify specific common characteristics of language, organization and content in the medium and secondly, to find eventual differences in the use of a particular language. To carry out the experiment, two corpora were constructed using language data from Twitter, one in Spanish with a total number of 4,027,746 words and another with similar characteristics in English with a total number of 4,655,992 words....

  19. A case study exploring oral language choice between the target language and the L1s in mainstream CLIL and EFL secondary education

    Gené Gil, Maria; Juan Garau, Maria; Salazar Noguera, Joana
    [EN] This case study explores the purposes for which the target language (TL) and the L1s were used orally by students (N=60) and teachers (N=3) in a mainstream CLIL secondary education context compared to EFL instruction in the Balearic Islands (Spain). Data were gathered by means of questionnaires addressed to students and teachers, oral interviews to instructors and observations of class sessions. The findings show some differences in the languages chosen to speak according to pedagogical functions ¿i.e. planned subject-based discourse¿ and real functions ¿i.e. unplanned discourse such as disciplinary or organizational matters¿ (Chavez 2003), with the TL being much...

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