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  1. Expression and function of the LIM-homeodomain transcription factor Islet-1 in the developing and mature vertebrate retina

    Bejarano Escobar, Ruth; Álvarez Hernán, Guadalupe; Morona Arribas, Ruth; González Gallegos, Agustín; Martín Partido, Gervasio; Francisco Morcillo, Javier
    The LIM-homeodomain transcription factor Islet-1 (Isl1) has been widely used as a marker of different subtypes of neurons in the developing and mature retina of vertebrates. During retinal neurogenesis, early Isl1 expression is detected in the nuclei of neuroblasts that give rise to ganglion, amacrine, bipolar, and horizontal cells. In the mature retina, Isl1 expression is restricted to the nuclei of ganglion cells, cholinergicamacrine cells, ON-bipolar cells, and subpopulations of horizontal cells. Recent studies have explored the functional mechanisms of Isl1 during specification and differentiation of these retinal cell types. Thus, conditional inactivation of Isl1 in the developing mouse retina...

  2. Different space preferences and within-host competition promote niche partitioning between symbiotic feather mite species

    Fernández González, Sofía; Pérez Rodríguez, Antón David; Hera Fernández, Iván de la; Proctor, Heather C.; Pérez Tris, Javier
    Obligate symbionts (including parasites, commensals and mutualists) often share host species and host-based food resources. Such symbionts are frequently distributed unequally among hosts with different phenotypic features, or occupy different regions on a host. However, the processes leading to distinct within-host symbiont distributions remain obscure. We aimed to test whether distinct in-host symbiont distributions arise as the outcome of species-specific habitat preferences or interspecific competition, and how host phenotype influences such processes. To this end, we studied the distribution within and among individual bird hosts of two feather mites (Proctophyllodes sylviae and Trouessartia bifurcata) of migratory and sedentary European blackcaps,...

  3. Evolution of seasonal transmission patterns in avian blood-borne parasites

    Pérez Rodríguez, Antón David; Hera Fernández, Iván de la; Bensch, Staffan; Pérez Tris, Javier
    In temperate regions, many vector-borne parasites maximise their transmission prospects by adjusting reproduction to seasonal cycles of host susceptibility and vector availability. Nevertheless, in these regions there are areas where environmental conditions are favourable throughout the year, so that parasites could benefit from a year-round transmission strategy. We analysed how different transmission strategies (strict summer transmission, extended summer transmission – including spring and autumn, and year round transmission) have evolved among the different genetic lineages of Haemoproteus parabelopolskyi, an avian blood-borne parasite shared by three sibling species of passerine hosts. Our results indicate that the ancestral state of this clade...

  4. Prepatterning and patterning of the thalamus along embryonic development of Xenopus laevis

    Bandín Carazo, Sandra; Morona Arribas, Ruth; González Gallegos, Agustín
    Previous developmental studies of the thalamus (alar part of the diencephalic prosomere p2) have defined the molecular basis for the acquisition of the thalamic competence (preparttening), the subsequent formation of the secondary organizer in the zona limitans intrathalamica, and the early specification of two anteroposterior domains (rostral and caudal progenitor domains) in response to inducing activities and that are shared in birds and mammals. In the present study we have analyzed the embryonic development of the thalamus in the anuran Xenopus laevis to determine conserved or specific features in the amphibian diencephalon. From early embryonic stages to the beginning of...

  5. Roman Provincial Boundaries: A Multidisciplinary approach to the specific case of Baetica

    España Chamorro, Sergio
    Roman limits have been an important topic in the bibliography, but mostly in the frontiers of the Roman Empire. The Limes Congresses are a good proof, but not for the provincial boundaries. These, however, have not received desired attention. Currently, this topic is getting more important,but it is still not a completely developed field of study. Sometimes the overlay of boundaries, their fuzzy appearance and other complications make this job difficult. A multidisciplinary approach combining traditional perspectives,such as reviewing the Classics, with the study of archaeological remains, such as milestones, onomastic epigraphy, numismatic, “tituli picti” (amphoric epigraphy),pottery, ect., can sketch...

  6. Early Holocenic and Historic mtDNA African Signatures in the Iberian Peninsula: the Andalusian Region as a Paradigm

    Hernández de la Fuente, Candela; Soares, Pedro; Dugoujon, Jean M.; Novelletto, Andrea; Rodríguez, Juan N.; Rito, Teresa; Oliveira, Marisa; Melhaoui, Mohammed; Baali, Abdellatif; Pereira, Luisa; Calderón Fernández, Rosario
    Determining the timing, identity and direction of migrations in the Mediterranean Basin, the role of “migratory routes” in and among regions of Africa, Europe and Asia, and the effects of sex-specific behaviors of population movements have important implications for our understanding of the present human genetic diversity. A crucial component of the Mediterranean world is its westernmost region. Clear features of transcontinental ancient contacts between North African and Iberian populations surrounding the maritime region of Gibraltar Strait have been identified from archeological data. The attempt to discern origin and dates of migration between close geographically related regions has been a...

  7. Demographic History of Indigenous Populations in Mesoamerica Based on mtDNA Sequence Data

    González Martín, Antonio; Gorostiza Langa, Amaya; Regalado-Liu, Lucía; Arroyo Peña, Sergio; Tirado López, Sergio; Nuño-Arana, Ismael; Rubi-Castellanos, Rodrigo; Sandoval, Karla; Coble, Michael D.; Rangel Villalobos, Héctor
    The genetic characterization of Native American groups provides insights into their history and demographic events. We sequenced the mitochondrial D-loop region (control region) of 520 samples from eight Mexican indigenous groups. In addition to an analysis of the genetic diversity, structure and genetic relationship between 28 Native American populations, we applied Bayesian skyline methodology for a deeper insight into the history of Mesoamerica. AMOVA tests applying cultural, linguistic and geographic criteria were performed. MDS plots showed a central cluster of Oaxaca and Maya populations, whereas those from the North and West were located on the periphery. Demographic reconstruction indicates higher...

  8. Curvas percentilares de peso al nacimiento por edad gestacional para la población de la provincia de Catamarca (Argentina)

    López Barbancho, Diego; Terán de Frutos, José Manuel; Candelas González, Nieves; Díaz de Luna, María Cristina; Marrodan Serrano, Dolores; Beatriz Lomaglio, Delia
    Introducción: La evaluación del desarrollo fetal y del peso al nacimiento es un objetivo prioritario en el ámbito de la epidemiología nutricional y de la salud pública. En la actualidad, la Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS) no dispone de curvas específicas de peso al nacimiento para las distintas semanas gestacionales al considerar que las características socioeconómicas, ecológicas y étnicas de los distintos grupos humanos influyen en sus propios patrones de crecimiento. Objetivo: La presente investigación desarrolla las curvas percentilares de peso por edad gestacional para las poblaciones residentes en la provincia de Catamarca. Métodos: El procesamiento de los datos...

  9. Adventitious feather replacement favours amore rapid regeneration of primaries over rectrices in two passerine bird species

    Hera Fernández, Iván de la; Pérez Tris, Javier; Tellería Jorge, José Luis
    There is increasing evidence of adaptive preferential investment during moult in those feather tracts that are more advantageous for fitness. In this study, we assessed whether, after the manual removal of two functionally different flight feathers (one primary and one rectrix), birds from two common passerine species (Eurasian Blackcap Sylvia atricapillaand European Robin Erithacus rubecula) favoured the regeneration of primary (supposedly the most functionally important feathers) over rectrix feathers. Our results did not show differences between replaced primary and rectrix feathers in their final length, but demonstrated that the gap left by the loss of the primary feather was filled...

  10. Transparencia, gobierno corporativo y participación: claves para la implantación de un código de conducta en las empresas de economía social

    Longinos Marín Rives, Joaquín; Arcas Lario, Narciso; Martínez León, Inocencia María; Olmedo Cifuentes, isabel
    Las empresas de economía social se caracterizan por una especial configuración empresarial, así como por unos valores y principios singulares. Entre ellos se encuentran su orientación a la participación de los socios, la transparencia informativa con los grupos de interés y un buen gobierno corporativo, elementos todos característicos de la Responsabilidad Social Empresarial (RSE). Estos tres elementos suelen configurar el eje que marcan los códigos de conducta que se elaboran en las empresas y que son requeridos por los organismos competentes como aspecto clave de la RSE. En este trabajo de investigación se demuestra que a pesar de que las...

  11. Código de conducta en el sector de cooperativas de viviendas. Normas de buenas prácticas empresariales de las empresas gestoras de cooperativas (GECOPI)

    Lambea Rueda, Ana
    En este artículo se estudia el marco jurídico de la actividad de las empresas gestoras de cooperativas de viviendas, y el CDC aplicable a ellas. De forma previa se plantean algunas cuestiones generales respecto de la calificación jurídica de los CDC. La regulación de las empresas gestoras es escasa, lo que fomenta la autorregulación, como de hecho ha sucedido. Así, las empresas gestoras asociadas a GECOPI han desarrollado sus “normas de buenas prácticas empresariales”, dictadas en enero de 2005, en íntima relación con el “código deontológico de la asociación de empresas gestoras de Cooperativas de viviendas y proyectos inmobiliarios”. Se...

  12. Autosomal indels distribution in Metropolitan Manila, Philippines

    Magalhães, M.C.A.; Amorim, A.; Gusmão, L.; Gorostiza Langa, Amaya; González Martín, Antonio; Pereira, R.
    The Philippines are a group of islands in the Asia-Pacific region harboring a high diversity of cultures, languages and people due to various migration waves and different degrees of admixture between neighboring groups. In this work we studied the most populous region of the country – Metropolitan Manila – with a set of small autosomal insertion deletion (indel) polymorphisms, to assess their genetic diversity and usefulness in forensic context. Using a single-tube multiplex reaction we characterized 38 indels in 195 individuals born in the National Capital Region, allowing to establish an allele frequency database for future reference in forensic applications....

  13. Current occurrence of the Atlantic Sturgeon Acipenser oxyrinchus in Northern Spain: a new prospect for Sturgeon conservation in Western Europe

    Elvira Payán, Benigno; Leal García, Sheila; Doadrio Villarejo, Ignacio; Almodóvar Pérez, Ana María
    Acipenser oxyrinchus is considered extirpated in Europe, but numerous breeding populations still exist on the Atlantic coast of North America. An adult female A. oxyrinchus, 2500 mm total length and 120 kg wet weight, was accidentally fished on 24 November 2010 near the coast of Gijón, Asturias, Spain. The fish was identified by its morphological pattern as well as by mitochondrial and nuclear DNA analyses. Because the sturgeon was found far away from any known breeding area, it was considered a stray or vagrant specimen. It certainly has a natural origin, but its eventual birthplace could not be determined. Because...

  14. Y-STR haplotype background of Philippines: comparison with other Southeast Asian populations

    Miranda-Barros, Fernanda; Gorostiza Langa, Amaya; Carvalho, Elizeu F.; González-Martín, Antonio; Gusmão, Leonor
    Philippines is an archipelago in the Western Pacific Ocean. It is one of the most populated country in Southeast Asia, harboring multiple ethnic groups and cultures. Most of the non-indigenous population is composed by Chinese and Spanish immigrants. In order to characterize the Y-STR composition of Philippines, in the present study, we have collected 74 samples from unrelated males from the three main geographical divisions: Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. These samples were typed for the 27 Y-STR loci included in the YFiler Plus kit. A high Y-STR haplotype diversity was found with all haplotypes being unique in our sample. Low...

  15. Los estudios universitarios feministas y con perspectiva de género en España (2010-2015)

    Bernárdez Rodal, Asunción
    En este artículo se analiza la situación de las titulaciones sobre Estudios de Género y Feminismo que se han desarrollado en España con la inauguración del Espacio Europeo de Educación Superior, como parte de la implantación del Plan Bolonia. Para ello, se hace un análisis de las circunstancias históricas de la universidad española y sus características territoriales. El objetivo del trabajo es realizar un mapa conceptual con las fortalezas y debilidades de unos estudios que la sociedad ha ido demandando para desarrollar los distintos Planes de Igualdad en el período democrático.

  16. La función económica de la cooperativa y la necesidad de una legislación adecuada

    Gadea Soler, Enrique
    El objetivo de este trabajo es doble: por una parte, se analiza el origen histórico y la función económica actual de las sociedades cooperativas y, por otra, se realiza un estudio crítico de su normativa aplicable, con el objeto de determinar las bases de su futura legislación.

  17. EphB2 and EphB3 play an important role in the lymphoid seeding of murine adult thymus

    Alfaro Sánchez, David; Garcia Ceca Hernández, José Javier; Farias de Oliveira, Desio A.; Terra Granado, Eugenia; Montero Herradón, Sara; Cotta de Almeida, Vinicius; Savino, Wilson; Zapata González, Agustín
    Adult thymuses lacking either ephrin type B receptor 2 (EphB2) or EphB3, or expressing a truncated form of EphB2, the forward signal-deficient EphB2LacZ, have low numbers of early thymic progenitors (ETPs) and are colonized in vivo by reduced numbers of injected bone marrow (BM) lineage-negative (Lin2) cells. Hematopoietic progenitors from these EphB mutants showed decreased capacities to colonize wild type (WT) thymuses compared with WT precursors, with EphB22/2 cells exhibiting the greatest reduction. WT BM Lin2 cells also showed decreased colonizing capacity into mutant thymuses. The reduction was also more severe in EphB22/2 host thymuses, with a less severe phenotype...

  18. Las microempresas en tiempos de crisis: análisis de la formación, la experiencia y la innovación

    Benito Hernández, Sonia; Platero Jaime, Manuel
    España, al igual que Grecia, Portugal o Italia, es hoy en día uno de los países europeos con menos previsiones de crecimiento económico y con más tasa de paro de la Unión Europea. Su tejido empresarial, a diferencia de otros países como los nórdicos o centroeuropeos, viene caracterizado por el protagonismo de empresas de muy reducida dimensión con una media de 1-3 empleados. Estas empresas se caracterizan actualmente por el constante cierre de sus negocios y por la destrucción de empleo. Por este motivo, este trabajo pretende conocer cómo la crisis económica ha afectado a las microempresas y que factores...

  19. Optical pumping of a single hole spin in a p-doped quantum dot coupled to a metallic nanoparticle

    Antón Revilla, Miguel Ángel; Carreño Sánchez, Fernando; Melle Hernández, Sonia; Gómez Calderón, Oscar; Cabrera Granado, Eduardo; Singh, Mahi R.
    The preparation of quantum states with a defined spin is analyzed in a hybrid system consisting of a p-doped semiconductor quantum dot (QD) coupled to a metallic nanoparticle. The quantum dot is described as a four-level atom-like system using the density matrix formalism. The lower levels are Zeeman-split hole spin states and the upper levels correspond to positively charged excitons containing a spin-up, spin-down hole pair and a spin electron. A metallic nanoparticle with spheroidal geometry is placed in close proximity to the quantum dot, and its effects are considered in the quasistatic approximation. A linearly polarized laser field drives...

  20. Vacuum suppression of acousto-optic self-modulation in a broad-area Nd-doped yttrium-aluminum-garnet single-shot laser

    Soler Rus, Miguel Odín; Cabrera Granado, Eduardo; Guerra Pérez, José Manuel
    We report on the origin of an acousto-optic Raman-Nath self-modulation found in a broad-area Nd:YAG single-shot laser. Operating the laser device under vacuum conditions suppresses the spectral splitting associated with acousto-optic modulation by the shock waves produced by the discharge of the pumping flash lamps. This splitting is reproduced by a general class B laser model that takes into account the dynamical density grating generated by a stationary acoustic radial wave.

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