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  1. Sedimentology, clay mineralogy and palaeosols of the Mid-Carnian Pluvial Episode in E Spain: insights into humidity and sea-level variations

    Barrenechea, José F.; López Gómez, José; Horra del Barco, Raúl de la
    This study examines rainfall variations of the Mid-Carnian Pluvial Episode (CPE) based on the continental fluvial sedimentology, palaeosol and clay mineralogy records of the Stable Meseta (E Spain). In the formation examined, Manuel Fm or K2 Fm, the CPE is represented by three regressive-transgressive sequences (R-T), or subunits K2.1, K2.2 and K2.3, from base to top. Each subunit broadly consists of a genetic stratigraphic sequence bearing well-developed highstand, lowstand and transgressive system tracts (HST, LST and TST). Hydromorphic features in the palaeosols suggest changes in the activity of both ground and surface waters. The clay mineral assemblage is dominated by...

  2. Metric and morphological comparison between the Arago (France) and Atapuerca-Sima de los Huesos (Spain) dental samples, and the origin of Neanderthals

    Bermúdez de Castro, José María; Martinón-Torres, María; Martínez de Pinillos, Marina; García Campos, Cecilia; Modesto Mata, Mario; Martín-Francés, Laura; Arsuaga, Juan Luis
    The variability observed in the growing Middle Pleistocene hominin fossil record of Europe continues to trigger much debate on taxonomic issues and the biological processes that gave rise to Neanderthals. Here we present a metric and morphological comparative study of the dental samples recovered from the sites of Arago (southeast France) and Sima de los Huesos (SH) in the Sierra de Atapuerca (northern Spain). These sites are key to providing answers to these questions since they have yielded the largest hominin samples so far recovered for this time period. Despite the geographical proximity of the two sites and the contemporaneity...

  3. Robotics and Work: Labor and Tax regulatory Framework

    Sánchez-Urán Azaña, Mª Yolanda; Grau Ruiz, Mª Amparo
    Considering the risks and opportunities created by the latest developments in advanced robotics, we reflect on the social dimension of this phenomenon and, based on ethics, we analyze some legal aspects. In particular, and taking into account the effects of robotics on the labor market, sustainable legal solutions are proposed and progress is made in the principle of socially and legally responsible robotic innovation, in the field of labor relations and in the adoption of tax and fiscal measures applicable in relation to robots.

  4. Intratissue Percutaneous Electrolysis vs Corticosteroid Infiltration for the Treatment of Plantar Fasciosis

    Iborra Marcos, Álvaro; Ramos Álvarez, Juan José; Rodríguez Fabián, Guillermo; López Román, Antonio; Polo Portés, Carlos Eduardo; Villanueva, Manuel
    BACKGROUND: Corticosteroid infiltration (CI) is commonly used for treatment of plantar fasciosis. In recent years, however, interest has grown in the use of intratissue percutaneous electrolysis (EPI) for the treatment of tendinopathies. The aim of our study was to compare the effectiveness of the above techniques in the treatment of plantar fasciosis. METHODS: The results achieved over a period of 1 year following the use of these techniques to treat plantar fasciosis were examined. There were 64 patients; 32 of whom were treated with ultrasound-guided EPI and 32 with ultrasound-guided CI. A clinical examination was performed and ultrasound taken before treatment and at...

  5. Heating at the Nanoscale through Drug-Delivery Devices: Fabrication and Synergic Effects in Cancer Treatment with Nanoparticles

    Guisasola, Eduardo; Baeza, Alejandro; Asin, Laura; De la Fuente, J. M.; Vallet Regí, María
    Nanocarriers for cancer therapy have been extensively studied, but there is still some research that must be addressed in order to achieve their safe application. In this field, hyperthermia thermal treatments mediated by the us of responsive nanomaterials are not different, and researchers have carried out many attempts to overcome their drawbacks due to the valuable potential of these techniques. Here, an overview is presented of nanodevices based on magnetic- and photoresponsive nanocrystals that respond to magnetic fields and/or near-infrared stimuli for cancer therapies. Special attention is given to the synergic effect that can be achieved with nanoscale heating in...

  6. An overview of non-destructive and minimally invasive techniques for moisture control in the cultural heritage

    Martínez Garrido, Maria Inmaculada; Fort, Rafael; Gómez Heras, Miguel; Valles-Iriso, J.; Varas Muriel, María José
    This article describes the use of non- or minimally destructive methods to study damp in San Juan Bautista Church at Talamanca de Jarama in the Spanish province of Madrid. The combination of ground penetrating radar (GPR), electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) and wireless sensor network (WSN) techniques provided sub-surface information, while data on wall surfaces were collected with contact hygrometry and infrared thermography. The respective findings and ranges of observation were inter-related to identify the decay associated with the damp and determine the advantages and drawbacks of each instrumental method.

  7. Single-grain TT-OSL bleaching characteristics: Insights from modern analogues and OSL dating comparisons

    Arnold, Lee; Demuro, Martina; Spooner, Nigel; Prideaux, Gavin; McDowell, Matthew Charles; Camens, Aaron B.; Reed, Elizabeth H.; Parés, Josep M.; Arsuaga, Juan Luis; Bermúdez de Castro, José María; Carbonell i Roura, Eudald
    Previous assessments of thermally transferred optically stimulated luminescence (TT-OSL) signal resetting in natural sedimentary settings have been based on relatively limited numbers of observations, and have been conducted primarily at the multi-grain scale of equivalent dose (De) analysis. In this study, we undertake a series of single-grain TT-OSL bleaching assessments on nineteen modern and geological dating samples from different sedimentary environments. Daylight bleaching experiments performed over several weeks confirm that single-grain TT-OSL signals are optically reset at relatively slow, and potentially variable, rates. Single-grain TT-OSL residual doses range between 0 and 24 Gy for thirteen modern samples, with >50% of these...

  8. Analysis of the reconfiguration latency and energy overheads for a Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGA

    Olivito, Javier; Serrano, Felipe; Clemente, Juan Antonio; Mecha, Hortensia; Resano, Javier
    In this paper we have evaluated the overhead and the tradeoffs of a set of components usually included in a system with run-time partial reconfiguration implemented on a Xilinx Virtex-5. Our analysis shows the benefits of including a scratchpad memory inside the reconfiguration controller in order to improve the efficiency of the reconfiguration process. We have designed a simple controller for this scratchpad that includes support for prefetching and caching in order to further reduce both the energy and latency overhead.

  9. Economía de plataformas digitales y servicios compuestos. El impacto en el Derecho, en especial, en el Derecho del Trabajo

    Sánchez-Urán Azaña, María Yolanda
    El TJUE ha declarado que un servicio de intermediación que tiene por finalidad conectar, a través de una aplicación móvil a cambio de una remuneración, a conductores no profesionales que usan su propio vehículo a personas que desean hacer un trayecto urbano debe ser considerado como un servicio de transporte a efectos del Derecho de la UE. El Asunto UBERPOP invita a reflexionar sobre la Economía Colaborativa, la Economía de las Plataformas Digitales y su impacto en el Derecho, en particular en el Derecho del Trabajo y de la Seguridad Social. La cuestión es: ¿son los conductores de UBER trabajadores...

  10. Traductores e intérpretes jurados. Relación contractual asalariada, Comentario STS 16 noviembre 2017

    Sánchez-Urán Azaña, María Yolanda
    En la sentencia del STS de 16 de noviembre de 2017 se afirma la naturaleza laboral de un traductor e intérprete jurado. El problema concreto trasciende hacia el general de la frontera entre la laboralidad y la no laboralidad de las prestaciones de servicios.

  11. SEU Characterization of Three Successive Generations of COTS SRAMs at Ultralow Bias Voltage to 14.2 MeV Neutrons

    Clemente, Juan Antonio; Hubert, Guilaume; Fraire, Juan; Franco Peláez, Francisco Javier; Villa, Francesca; Rey, Solenne; Baylac, Maud; Puchner, Helmut; Mecha, Hortensia; Velazco, Raoul
    This paper presents a SEU sensitivity characterization at ultra-low bias voltage of three generations of COTS SRAMs manufactured in 130 nm, 90 nm and 65 nm CMOS processes. For this purpose, radiation tests with 14.2 MeV neutrons were performed for SRAM power supplies ranging from 0.5 V to 3.15 V. The experimental results yielded clear evidences of the SEU sensitivity increase at very low bias voltages. These results have been cross-checked with predictions issued from the modeling tool MUlti-SCAles Single Event Phenomena Predictive Platform (MUSCA-SEP3). Large-scale SELs and SEFIs, observed in the 90-nm and 130-nm SRAMs respectively, are also presented...

  12. Evaluating the SEE sensitivity of a 45nm SOI Multi-core Processor due to 14 MeV Neutrons

    Ramos, Pablo; Vargas, Vanessa; Baylac, Maud; Villa, Francesca; Rey, Solenne; Clemente, Juan Antonio; Zergainoh, Nacer-Eddine; Méhaut, Jean-François; Velazco, Raoul
    The aim of this work is to evaluate the SEE sensitivity of a multi-core processor having implemented ECC and parity in their cache memories. Two different application scenarios are studied. The first one configures the multi-core in Asymmetric Multi-Processing mode running a memory-bound application, whereas the second one uses the Symmetric Multi-Processsing mode running a CPU-bound application. The experiments were validated through radiation ground testing performed with 14 MeV neutrons on the Freescale P2041 multi-core manufactured in 45nm SOI technology. A deep analysis of the observed errors in cache memories was carried-out in order to reveal vulnerabilities in the cache...

  13. UBER, Plataforma Digital DE Servicios de Transporte Comentario a la STJUE de 20 de diciembre de 2017, C‐434/15, Asunto Asociación Profesional Élite Taxi y Uber Systems Spain S.L.

    Sánchez-Urán Azaña, Yolanda
    El TJUE ha declarado que un servicio de intermediación cuya finalidad es conectar a través de una aplicación para teléfonos inteligentes, a cambio de una remuneración, a conductores no profesionales que utilizan su propio vehículo con personas que desean efectuar un desplazamiento urbano, está indisociablemente vinculado a un servicio de transporte, y, por lo tanto, ha de calificarse de «servicio en el ámbito de los transportes», a efectos del Derecho de la Unión.

  14. UBER, Plataforma Digital DE Servicios de Transporte Comentario a la STJUE de 20 de diciembre de 2017, C‐434/15, Asunto Asociación Profesional Élite Taxi y Uber Systems Spain S.L.

    Sánchez-Urán Azaña, Yolanda
    El TJUE ha declarado que un servicio de intermediación cuya finalidad es conectar a través de una aplicación para teléfonos inteligentes, a cambio de una remuneración, a conductores no profesionales que utilizan su propio vehículo con personas que desean efectuar un desplazamiento urbano, está indisociablemente vinculado a un servicio de transporte, y, por lo tanto, ha de calificarse de «servicio en el ámbito de los transportes», a efectos del Derecho de la Unión.

  15. Citizen science provides a reliable and scalable tool to track disease-carrying mosquitoes

    Palmer, John R. B.; Oltra, Aitana; Collantes, Francisco; Delgado Sáez, Juan Antonio; Lucientes, Javier; Delacour, Sarah; Bengoa, Mikel; Eritja, Roger; Bartumeus, Frederick
    Recent outbreaks of Zika, chikungunya and dengue highlight the importance of better understanding the spread of disease-carrying mosquitoes across multiple spatio-temporal scales. Traditional surveillance tools are limited by jurisdictional boundaries and cost constraints. Here we show how a scalable citizen science system can solve this problem by combining citizen scientists’ observations with expert validation and correcting for sampling effort. Our system provides accurate early warning information about the Asian tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus) invasion in Spain, well beyond that available from traditional methods, and vital for public health services. It also provides estimates of tiger mosquito risk comparable to those...

  16. Entre la abnegación y la autonomía. Disposiciones de género en tensión en la experiencia de los vínculos amorosos heterosexuales

    Castrillo Bustamante, María Concepción
    En este trabajo indagamos en las disposiciones de género que se despliegan en la experiencia de los vínculos amorosos heterosexuales. Para ello nos servimos de un material cualitativo basado en 31 entrevistas en profundidad a mujeres y hombres de entre 25 y 35 años, residentes en Madrid y con diferentes trayectorias de clase social. Comenzamos describiendo ciertas posiciones frecuentes y significativas en la interacción amorosa: la ambivalencia masculina y la búsqueda femenina de reconocimiento. Posteriormente profundizamos en las lógicas del aguante de la insatisfacción por parte de las mujeres. Este análisis nos conduce a la constatación de ciertas contradicciones entre...

  17. Evaluation of the contribution of D9S1120 to anthropological studies in Native American populations

    Aguilar-Velázquez, J.A.; Martínez-Sevilla, V. Manuel; Sosa Macías, Martha; González Martín, Antonio; Muñoz-Valle, J. F.; Rangel Villalobos, Héctor
    The D9S1120 locus exhibits a population-specific allele of 9 repeats (9RA) in all Native American and two Siberian populations currently studied, but it is absent in other worldwide populations. Although this feature has been used in anthropological genetic studies, its impact on the evaluation of the structure and genetic relations among Native American populations has been scarcely assessed. Consequently, the aim of this study was to evaluate the anthropological impact of D9S1120 when it was added to STR population datasets in Mexican Native American groups. We analyzed D9S1120 by PCR and capillary electrophoresis (CE) in 1117 unrelated individuals from 13...

  18. Multifunctional Protocells for Enhanced Penetration in 3D Extracellular Tumoral Matrices.

    Villegas Díaz, María Rocío; Baeza García, Alejandro; Nouredinne, Achraf; Durfee, Paul N; Butler, Kimberly S; Agola, Jacob Ongudi; Brinker, C.Jeffrey; Vallet Regí, María
    The high density of the extracellular matrix in solid tumors is an important obstacle to nanocarriers for reaching deep tumor regions and has severely limited the efficacy of administrated nanotherapeutics. The use of proteolytic enzymes prior to nanoparticle administration or directly attached to the nanocarrier surface has been proposed to enhance their penetration, but the low in vivo stability of these macromolecules compromises their efficacy and strongly limits their application. Herein, we have designed a multifunctional nanocarrier able to transport cytotoxic drugs to deep areas of solid tumors and once there, to be engulfed by tumoral cells causing their destruction....

  19. Changes in corneal biomechanical properties after 24 hours of continuous intraocular pressure monitoring using a contact lens sensor

    Morales Fernández, Laura; García Bella, Javier; Martínez de la Casa, Jose Maria; Sánchez Jean, Rubén; Sáenz Francés, Federico; Arriola Villalobos, Pedro; Perucho González, Lucía; Santos Bueso, Enrique; García Feijoo, Julián
    Objective: This study was designed to assess changes in corneal topography and biomechanics after intraocular pressure (IOP) monitoring using the Triggerfish contact lens sensor (CLS). Methods: For this prospective study, 30 eyes of 30 subjects: 14 healthy subjects (G1) and 6 glaucoma patients (G2), were recruited for 24 hours of continuous IOP monitoring using the CLS. The following measurements were taken before CLS fitting and after lens removal: maximum keratometry (Kmax), mean keratometry (MK), and corneal astigmatism (Cyl) measured through Pentacam corneal topography, and the corneal biomechanical variables corneal hysteresis (CH) and corneal resistance factor (CRF) measured with the Ocular Response...

  20. Application of the Laminar Navier–Stokes Equations for Solving 2D and 3D Pathfinding Problems with Static and Dynamic Spatial Constraints: Implementation and Validation in Comsol Multiphysics

    Ivorra, Benjamin
    Pathfinding problems consist in determining the optimal shortest path, or at least one path, between two points in the space. In this paper, we propose a particular approach, based on methods used in computational fluid dynamics, that intends to solve such problems. In particular, we reformulate pathfinding problems as the motion of a viscous fluid via the use of the laminar Navier–Stokes equations completed with suitable boundary conditions corresponding to some characteristics of the considered problem: position of the initial and final points, a-priori information of the terrain, One-way routes and dynamic spatial configuration. Then, we propose and validate a...

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