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  1. Neue Akteure und Arenen in den europäischen Arbeitsbeziehungen

    Mayrhofer, Wolfgang; Volz, Reiner
    (no abstract available)

  2. Organe der Tschechischen Aktiengesellschaft

    Buckova, Ivana
    (kein Abstract vorhanden)

  3. Principles of Corporate Governance for EBRD Investee Companies

    Doralt, Peter
    (no abstract available)

  4. High-Potentials - Conjointanalytische Identifikation und empirisches Realbild zukünftiger kaufmännischer Führungseliten

    Franke, Nikolaus
    Die mit Hilfe einer Conjoint-Analyse bei Personalmitarbeitern identifizierten "High-Potentials" unter den BWL-Studenten zeichnen sich im empirischen Portrait durch durchgehend beeindruckende Qualifikationen aus, was Noten sowie praxis- und außeruniversitäres Engagement angeht. Aufgrund ihrer Motivation lassen sie sich in drei markante Persönlichkeitstypen einteilen ("Unternehmer", "Wissenschaftler" und "lässige Genies"), die jeweils zu unterschiedlichen Stellenprofilen passen. Anhand ihrer Arbeitgeberpräferenzen wird deutlich, daß es den einbezogenen Unternehmen mehrheitlich nicht gelungen ist, sich bei den High-Potentials als attraktive Arbeitgeber zu positionieren. Als Schlüsselvariable für künftige, an High-Potentials orientierten Personalmarketing-Strategien wird in der empirischen Analyse das Ansehen eines Arbeitgebers in der Öffentlichkeit ermittelt. (Autorenref.)

  5. Multivariate Lagrange Inversion and the Maximum of a Persistent Random Walk

    Böhm, Walter
    In this paper we consider an analogue of the classical simple random walk on the set of integers which has correlated increments. In particular we are interested in the distribution of the absorption times and the maximum of such processes. (author's abstract)

  6. The Consistency ot the Empirical Quantization Error

    Pötzelberger, Klaus
    We study the empirical quantization error in case the number of prototypes increases with the size of the sample. We present a proof of the consistency of the empirical quantization error and of corresponding estimators of the quantization dimensions of distributions. (author's abstract)

  7. The General Quantization Problem for Distributions with Regular Support

    Pötzelberger, Klaus
    We study the asymptotic behavior of the quantization error for general information functions and prove results for distributions P with regular support. We characterize the information functions for which the uniform distribution on the set of prototypes converges weakly to P. (author's abstract)

  8. The Quantization Dimension of Distributions

    Pötzelberger, Klaus
    We show that the asymptotic behavior of the quantization error allows the definition of dimensions for probability distributions, the upper and the lower quantization dimension. These concepts fit into standard geometric measure theory, as the upper quantization dimension is always between the packing and the upper box-counting dimension, whereas the lower quantization dimension is between the Hausdorff and the lower box-counting dimension. (author's abstract)

  9. The Correlated Random Walk with Boundaries. A Combinatorial Solution

    Böhm, Walter
    The transition fundions for the correlated random walk with two absorbing boundaries are derived by means of a combinatorial construction which is based on Krattenthaler's Theorem for counting lattice paths with turns. Results for walks with one boundary and for unrestricted walks are presented as special cases. Finally we give an asymptotic formula, which proves to be useful for computational purposes. (author's abstract)

  10. Conjoint Analysis Using Mixed Effect Models

    Frühwirth-Schnatter, Sylvia; Otter, Thomas
    Following the pioneering work of Allenby and Ginter (1995) and Lenk et al.(1994); we propose in Section 2 a mixed effect model allowing for fixed and random effects as possible statistical solution to the problems mentioned above. Parameter estimation using a new, efficient variant of a Markov Chain Monte Carlo method will be discussed in Section 3 together with problems of model comparison techniques in the context of random effect models. Section 4 presents an application of the former to a brand-price trade-off study from the Austrian mineral water market. (author's abstract)

  11. An Introductory Business Statistics Course: Evaluating its Long-Term Impact and Suggestions for its Improvement

    Ledolter, Johannes
    Undergraduate pre-business students who had taken an introductory business statistics course three years ago were sent a questionnaire that, among several other questions, asked them about their views on the usefulness of the course. Students rated the introductory business statistics course as "moderately important" for their business education. They favored an integrated approach that covers both the statistical concepts and the computer software necessary to carry out the statistical analysis, and they had a strong preference for the Microsoft EXCEL software. Students thought that projects played an important role in introducing them to real-world applications of statistics, but they also...

  12. On the Robustness of the Rank-Based CUSUM Chart against Autocorrelation

    Hackl, Peter; Maderbacher, Michael
    Even a modest positive autocorrelation results in a considerable increase in the number of false alarms that are produced when applying a CUSUM chart. Knowledge of the process to be controlled allows for suitable adaptation of the CUSUM procedure. If one has to suspect the normality assumption, nonparametric control procedures such as the rank-based CUSUM chart are a practical alternative. The paper reports the results of a simulation study on the robustness (in terms of sensitivity of the ARL) of the rank-based CUSUM chart against serial correlation of the control variable. The results indicate that the rank-based CUSUM chart is...

  13. Multi-Unit Longitudinal Models with Random Coefficients and Patterned Correlation Structure: Modelling Issues

    Ledolter, Johannes
    The class of models which is studied in this paper, multi-unit longitudinal models, combines both the cross-sectional and the longitudinal aspects of observations. Many empirical investigations involve the analysis of data structures that are both cross-sectional (observations are taken on several units at a specific time period or at a specific location) and longitudinal (observations on the same unit are taken over time or space). Multi-unit longitudinal data structures arise in economics and business where panels of subjects are studied over time, biostatistics where groups of patients on different treatments are observed over time, and in situations where data are...

  14. A Note on Transformed Density Rejection

    Leydold, Josef
    In this paper we describe a version of transformed density rejection that requires less uniform random numbers. Random variates below the squeeze are generated by inversion. For the expensive part between squeeze and density an algorithm that uses a coverering with triangles is introduced. (author's abstract)

  15. Interchangeability of Relevant Cycles in Graphs

    Gleiss, Petra M.; Leydold, Josef; Stadler, Peter F.
    The set R of relevant cycles of a graph G is the union of its minimum cycle bases. We introduce a partition of R such that each cycle in a class W can be expressed as a sum of other cycles in W and shorter cycles. It is shown that each minimum cycle basis contains the same number of representatives of a given class W. This result is used to derive upper and lower bounds on the number of distinct minimum cycle bases. Finally, we give a polynomial-time algorithm to compute this partition. (author's abstract)

  16. Automatic Sampling with the Ratio-of-uniforms Method

    Leydold, Josef
    Applying the ratio-of-uniforms method for generating random variates results in very efficient, fast and easy to implement algorithms. However parameters for every particular type of density must be precalculated analytically. In this paper we show, that the ratio-of-uniforms method is also useful for the design of a black-box algorithm suitable for a large class of distributions, including all with log-concave densities. Using polygonal envelopes and squeezes results in an algorithm that is extremely fast. In opposition to any other ratio-of-uniforms algorithm the expected number of uniform random numbers is less than two. Furthermore we show that this method is in...

  17. On the Asymptotic Theory of Permutation Statistics

    Strasser, Helmut; Weber, Christian
    In this paper limit theorems for the conditional distributions of linear test statistics are proved. The assertions are conditioned by the sigma-field of permutation symmetric sets. Limit theorems are proved both for the conditional distributions under the hypothesis of randomness and under general contiguous alternatives with independent but not identically distributed observations. The proofs are based on results on limit theorems for exchangeable random variables by Strasser and Weber. The limit theorems under contiguous alternatives are consequences of an LAN-result for likelihood ratios of symmetrized product measures. The results of the paper have implications for statistical applications. By example it...

  18. SME innovation and support in Upper Austria

    Kaufmann, Alexander; Tödtling, Franz
    This report is the Austrian contribution to the European TSER research project "SMEPOL" ("SME policy and the regional dimension of innovation"). The objective of this project is to analyze innovation policies aiming at SMEs, to evaluate their effectiveness and to propose potential improvements. For this purpose, important innovation support instruments for SMEs in several European regions - Upper Austria, the Triangle region in southern Jutland (Denmark), Lombardy and Apulia in Italy, Limburg in the Netherlands, Wallonia, northern and south-eastern Norway, Valencia in Spain, parts of London and its outer metropolitan area - have been investigated. This report focusses on the...

  19. Globalisierung und Peripherie

    Novy, Andreas; Parnreiter, Christof; Fischer, Karin
    Series: SRE - Discussion Papers

  20. Politische Ökonomie und Natur im Kapitalismus. Versuch der Synthese eines antagonistischen Verhältnisses.

    Raza, Werner G.
    Series: SRE - Discussion Papers

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