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  1. Analyse des innovativen Car-Sharing-Konzepts "car2go" - Überprüfung der Anwendbarkeit auf Großstädte am Beispiel Wien

    Dorn, Carina
    (kein Abstract vorhanden)
    (application/pdf) - 18-oct-2016

  2. The single-period inventory model with spectral risk measures

    Fichtinger, Johannes
    Inventory management and pricing decisions based on quantitative models both in industrial practice and academic works often rely on minimizing expected cost or maximizing expected revenues or profits, which refers to the concept of risk-neutrality of the decision maker. Although many useful insights in operational problems can be obtained by such an approach, it is well understood that incorporating attitudes toward risk is an important lever for building new theories in other fields such as economics and finance. The level of risk associated with an investment might be as important as the expected gain from the investment. Hence, it is...
    (application/pdf) - 18-oct-2016

  3. Forecasting the Winner of the FIFA World Cup 2010

    Leitner, Christoph; Zeileis, Achim; Hornik, Kurt
    The FIFA World Cup is one of the most prestigious tournament all over the world and hence there is major interest, among fans and experts alike, in forecasting the winner of this tournament. To investigate this issue, a class of linear mixed-effects models for quoted winning odds from various bookmakers is explored. Based on this "prospective" data reflecting the expectations of the bookmakers (as opposed to past performances used in many other forecasting methods) different models for the "true" odds of winning the tournament can be established, capturing both team-specific effects (along with effects for the team's tournament group and...
    (application/pdf) - 26-feb-2017

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