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  1. Gestaltungsmöglichkeit der Organisation der ungarischen GmbH

    Galffy, Tibor
    Series: Arbeitspapiere des Forschungsinstituts für mittel- und osteuropäisches Wirtschaftsrecht
    (application/pdf) - 03-mar-2017

  2. Auctions with interdependent valuations. Theoretical and empirical analysis, in particular of internet auctions.

    Schindler, Julia
    The thesis investigates a number of auction formats both theoretically and empirically. The effect of different auction rules on the final price and on bidder valuations is analyzed. Results from an experimental sale of real goods, testing revenue equivalence of the open and sealed-bid second-price auction do not conform to theoretical predictions: the open auction leading to significantly lower prices than the sealed-bid auction. It turns out that the open auction format allows bidders to satisfy a tendency to "stick together" with their valuations. The empirical results motivate a dynamic bidding model of interdependent valuations, bidders being uncertain about their...
    (application/pdf) - 18-oct-2016

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