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  1. Margin Squeeze in Fixed-Network Telephony Markets - competitive or anticompetitive?

    Briglauer, Wolfgang; Götz, Georg; Schwarz, Anton
    This paper looks at the effects of different forms of wholesale and retail regulation on retail competition in fixed network telephony markets. We explicitly model two asymmetries between the incumbent operator and two entrants: (i) While the incumbent has zero marginal costs, the entrant has the wholesale access charge as (positive) marginal costs; (ii) While the incumbent is setting a two-part tariff at the retail level (fixed fee and calls price), the entrant can only set a linear price for calls. We model the product of the incumbent as horizontally differentiated from the products of the entrants who are homogenous...
    (application/pdf) - 18-oct-2016

  2. User-based website design in tourism with a special focus on web 2.0 websites

    Stangl, Brigitte
    Information systems literature calls for websites providing a site architecture that is as close as possible to the mental model of the user. To assure that users will be satisfied, website designers need to be aware that users interpret elements offered on a website based on their physiological and psychological factors. Creating a compelling online experience for diverse groups of e-customers is a challenge and of utmost importance for a website's success. However, in the field of tourism literature that discriminates between requirements based on motivational or cognitive aspects of certain user-groups is scarce. Therefore, the hypothesis examined in this...
    (application/pdf) - 18-oct-2016

  3. Growth cycles: transformation and regional development

    Lundquist, Karl-Johan; Olander, Lars-Olof
    Departing from the renewed interest within economic history and neo-Schumpeterian perspectives on growth and economic transformation, we will suggest a theoretical framework for analyzing long term regional economic growth and transformation. Emphasis will be given to different driving forces and their various roles over time, lead-lag relations between industries and how divergence and convergence between regions shift cyclically as consequences of technological change, market integration and economic growth. We claim that systemic approaches in general have been neglected in regional science in favor of "neoregionalism" in the sense that the study of regional growth has been focusing for years on regional innovation...
    (application/pdf) - 08-may-2018

  4. Forschungsbericht "Lesben am Werk". Explorationsstudie zur Erwerbstätigkeit lesbischer Frauen in Österreich

    Hofmann, Roswitha; Cserer, Amelie
    Series: Working Papers / Abteilung Gender and Diversity in Organizations
    (application/pdf) - 24-may-2018

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