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  1. Multicultural employees: Global business' untapped resource

    Fitzsimmons, Stacey R.; Miska, Christof; Stahl, Günter
    Despite rapid growth in the number of multicultural employees, few global organizations are tapping the potential of their employees with more than one culture. Some organizations may be unaware of the skills these employees possess, or may even see them as a source of problems. Others may lack the procedures necessary to use their skills (e.g., selection processes and career development practices to place multicultural employees in positions where they can be most useful). We describe multicultural employees' potential to contribute to five key international business activities: Multicultural teams, intercultural negotiations, ethics and leadership, expatriation, and international mergers and acquisitions....
    (application/pdf) - 18-oct-2016

  2. Transformed Density Rejection with Inflection Points

    Botts, Carsten; Hörmann, Wolfgang; Leydold, Josef
    The acceptance-rejection algorithm is often used to sample from non-standard distributions. For this algorithm to be efficient, however, the user has to create a hat function that majorizes and closely matches the density of the distribution to be sampled from. There are many methods for automatically creating such hat functions, but these methods require that the user transforms the density so that she knows the exact location of the transformed density's inflection points. In this paper, we propose an acceptancerejection algorithm which obviates this need and can thus be used to sample from a larger class of distributions. (author's abstract)
    (application/pdf; text/plain; text/plain; text/plain; text/plain; text/plain; application/x-gzip) - 18-oct-2016

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