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  1. The Impact of Regulation and Competition on the Adoption of Fibre-Based Broadband Services: Recent Evidence from the European Union Member States

    Briglauer, Wolfgang
    Fibre deployment of next-generation high-speed broadband networks is considered to be a decisive development for any information-based society, yet investment activities and especially the adoption of fibre-based broadband services take place only very gradually in most countries. This work identifies the most important determinants of the adoption of fibre-based broadband services, using the most recent panel data from the European Union member states (EU27) for the years from 2004 to 2012. The results show that the stricter previous broadband access regulation has a negative impact on adoption, while competitive pressure from mobile networks affects adoption in a non-linear manner. It...
    (application/pdf) - 18-oct-2016

  2. Spacey Parents and Spacey Hosts in FDI

    Badinger, Harald; Egger, Peter
    Empirical trade economists have found that shocks on foreign direct investment (FDI) of some parent country in a host country affect the same parent country´s FDI in other hosts (interdependent hosts). Independent of this, there is evidence that shocks on a parent country´s FDI in some host economy affect other parent countries´ FDI in the same host (interdependent parents). In general equilibrium, shocks on FDI between any country pair will affect all country-pairs´ FDI in the world, including anyone of the two countries in a pair as well as third countries (interdependent third countries). No attempt has been made so...
    (application/pdf) - 18-oct-2016

  3. Spatial Filtering, Model Uncertainty and the Speed of Income Convergence in Europe

    Crespo Cuaresma, Jesus; Feldkircher, Martin
    In this paper we put forward a Bayesian Model Averaging method aimed at performing inference under model uncertainty in the presence of potential spatial autocorrelation. The method uses spatial filtering in order to account for uncertainty in spatial linkages. Our procedure is applied to a dataset of income per capita growth and 50 potential determinants for 255 NUTS-2 European regions. We show that ignoring uncertainty in the type of spatial weight matrix can have an important effect on the estimates of the parameters attached to the model covariates. After integrating out the uncertainty implied by the choice of regressors and spatial links, human capital investments and transitional dynamics...
    (application/pdf) - 21-mar-2018

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