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  1. A Neural Network Classifier for Spectral Pattern Recognition. On-Line versus Off-Line Backpropagation Training

    Staufer-Steinnocher, Petra; Fischer, Manfred M.
    In this contributon we evaluate on-line and off-line techniques to train a single hidden layer neural network classifier with logistic hidden and softmax output transfer functions on a multispectral pixel-by-pixel classification problem. In contrast to current practice a multiple class cross-entropy error function has been chosen as the function to be minimized. The non-linear diffierential equations cannot be solved in closed form. To solve for a set of locally minimizing parameters we use the gradient descent technique for parameter updating based upon the backpropagation technique for evaluating the partial derivatives of the error function with respect to the parameter weights. Empirical evidence shows that on-line and epoch-based gradient descent...
    (application/pdf) - 18-oct-2016

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