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  1. Spectral Pattern Recognition by a Two-Layer Perceptron: Effects of Training Set Size

    Fischer, Manfred M.; Staufer-Steinnocher, Petra
    Pattern recognition in urban areas is one of the most challenging issues in classifying satellite remote sensing data. Parametric pixel-by-pixel classification algorithms tend to perform poorly in this context. This is because urban areas comprise a complex spatial assemblage of disparate land cover types - including built structures, numerous vegetation types, bare soil and water bodies. Thus, there is a need for more powerful spectral pattern recognition techniques, utilizing pixel-by-pixel spectral information as the basis for automated urban land cover detection. This paper adopts the multi-layer perceptron classifier suggested and implemented in [5]. The objective of this study is to analyse the performance and stability of this classifier -...
    (application/pdf) - 18-oct-2016

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