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  1. The Integration of Remote Sensing and Ancillary Data

    Kressler, Florian
    Obtaining up-to-date information concernmg the environment at reasonable costs is a challenge faced by many institutions today. Satellite images meet both demands and thus present a very attractive source of information. The following thesis deals with the comparison of satellite images and a vector based land use data base of the City of Vienna. The satellite data is transformed using the spectral mixture analysis, which allows an investigation at a sub-pixel level. The results of the transformation are used to determine how suitable this spectral mixture analysis is to distinguish different land use classes in an urban area. In a next step the results of the spectral...
    (application/pdf) - 05-may-2018

  2. Towards Comparison of Two Entropy Formulae

    Paulov, Ján
    The basic objective of this paper is to compare two entropy formulae used as objective functions in spatial intreraction modelling. This is carried out by comparing some attributes of the interaction models derived from both of them. The comparison results in the design of the third formula, which, however, represents a slight modification of one of them. (author's abstract)
    (application/pdf) - 06-may-2018

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