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  1. The Role of Space in the Creation of Knowledge in Austria. An Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis

    Fischer, Manfred M.; Fröhlich, Josef; Gassler, Helmut; Varga, Attila
    The paper makes a modest attempt to shed some light on the role of space in the creation of technological knowledge in Austria. The study is exploratory rather than explanatory in nature and based on descriptive techniques such as Moran¿s I test for spatial autocorrelation and the Moran scatterplot. Clusters of the knowledge ¿output¿ [measured in terms of patent counts] are compared with spatial concentration patterns of two input measures of knowledge production: private R&D and academic research. In addition, employment in manufacturing is utilised to capture agglomeration economies. The analysis is based on data aggregated for two digit SIC industries and at the level of Austrian...
    (application/pdf) - 18-oct-2016

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