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  1. Regulatory impact of environmental standards on the eco-efficiency of firms

    Bremberger, Christoph; Bremberger, Francisca; Luptacik, Mikulas; Schmitt, Stephan
    In this paper we propose an approach to implement environmental standards into Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) and in this way to measure their regulatory impact on eco-efficiency of firms. As one standard feature of basic DEA models (as e.g. CCR from Charnes et al. (1978)) lies in the exogeneity of inputs, desirable and undesirable outputs, it is not possible to introduce environmental constraints for these parameters directly into basic DEA models. Therefore, we use a bounded-variable way, which allows constraints on the efficiency frontier. The regulatory impact is assessed as difference in eco-efficiency scores before and after fictive introduction of an...
    (application/pdf) - 18-oct-2016

  2. Financial stress, sovereign debt and economic activity in industrialized countries: Evidence from dynamic threshold regressions

    Proaño, Christian R.; Schoder, Christian; Semmler, Willi
    We analyze how the impact of a change in the sovereign debt-to-GDP ratio on economic growth depends on the level of debt, the stress level on the financial market and the membership in a monetary union. A dynamic growth model is put forward demonstrating that debt affects macroeconomic activity in a non-linear manner due to amplifications from the financial sector. Employing dynamic country-specific and dynamic panel threshold regression methods, we study the non-linear relation between the growth rate and the debt-to-GDP ratio using quarterly data for sixteen industrialized countries for the period 1981Q1-2013Q2. We find that the debt-to-GDP ratio has impaired...
    (application/pdf) - 15-mar-2017

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