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  1. OpenStreetMap, the Wikipedia Map

    Maier, Gunther
    This paper presents OpenStreetMap and closely related software as a resource for spatial economic research. The paper demonstrates how information can be extracted from OpenStreetMap, how it can be used as a geographical interface in web-based communication, and illustrates the value of the tools by use of a specific application, the WU campus GIS. (author's abstract)
    (application/pdf) - 10-ene-2017

  2. Linking cause assessment, corporate philanthropy, and corporate reputation

    Szöcs, Ilona; Schlegelmilch, Bodo B.; Rusch, Thomas; Shamma, Hamed M.
    This study analyzes the link between cause assessment, corporate philanthropy, and dimensions of corporate reputation from different stakeholders' perspectives, using balance theory as a conceptual framework and the telecommunications industry in Austria and Egypt as the empirical setting. Findings show that corporate philanthropy can improve perceptions of the corporate reputation dimensions, but the results vary between customers and non-customers and depend on the country setting. (authors' abstract)
    (application/pdf) - 21-dic-2016

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