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  1. Impact of autonomous vehicles on urban mobility

    Azmat, Muhammad
    The urban population is growing at an exponential rate throughout the world leading to the problems related to swift and speedy mobility or issues caused by convectional mobility options. This study illustrates and explores the new ways to transport people specially taking into account the self-driving cars concept and discusses the concept of mobility 4.0 (smart / intelligent mobility) and briefly highlights the technological aspects of autonomous vehicles, adaptation advantages and progress in laws and legislations of autonomous vehicle. The study is primarily qualitative and relies on the work of previous researcher, technical reports and blogs but the part of...

  2. The Case for Fiscal Rules

    Badinger, Harald; Reuter, Wolf Heinrich
    This paper estimates the effects of fiscal institutions on fiscal policy outcomes, addressing issues related to measurement and endogeneity in a novel way. Recently developed indices, based on partially ordered set theory, are used to quantify the stringency of fiscal rules. Identification of their effects is achieved by exploiting the exogeneity of institutional variables (checks and balances, government fragmentation, inflation targeting), which are found to be relevant determinants of fiscal rules. Our two-stage least squares estimates for (up to) 79 countries over the period 1985-2012 provide strong evidence that countries with more stringent fiscal rules have higher fiscal balances (lower...

  3. Forschungsbereiche und Forschungsstränge der Betriebswirtschaftlichen Versicherungsforschung an der Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien von 1985 bis 2015 (Metapublikation) / Research Areas and Research Strands of Insurance Business Research at the University of Economics and Business in Vienna from 1985 to 2015, Nr. 7 der "Wiener Beiträge zur Betriebswirtschaftlichen Versicherungswissenschaft"(WrBtrgBwVersWiss)

    Eszler, Erwin
    (no abstract available)

  4. Intermediary Search for Suppliers in Procurement Auctions

    Honda, Jun
    In many procurement auctions, entrants determine whether to participate in auctions accounting for their roles of intermediaries who search for the best (or the cheapest) input suppliers. We build on a procurement auction model with entry, combining with intermediary search for suppliers. The novel feature is that costs of bidders are endogenously determined by suppliers who strategically charge input prices. We show the existence of an equilibrium with price dispersion for inputs, generating cost heterogeneity among bidders. Interestingly, the procurement cost may rise as the number of potential bidders increases. (author's abstract)

  5. A Markov switching factor-augmented VAR model for analyzing US business cycles and monetary policy

    Huber, Florian; Fischer, Manfred M.
    This paper develops a multivariate regime switching monetary policy model for the US economy. To exploit a large dataset we use a factor-augmented VAR with discrete regime shifts, capturing distinct business cycle phases. The transition probabilities are modelled as time-varying, depending on a broad set of indicators that influence business cycle movements. The model is used to investigate the relationship between business cycle phases and monetary policy. Our results indicate that the effects of monetary policy are stronger in recessions, whereas the responses are more muted in expansionary phases. Moreover, lagged prices serve as good predictors for business cycle transitions....

  6. Economic Impact of Investment Agreements

    Bellak, Christian
    Based on a thorough analysis of theoretical arguments, this meta-analysis does not find a genuine empirical effect of Bilateral Investment Treaties on Foreign Direct Investment after correcting for publication selection bias. (author's abstract)

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