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  1. Green human resource management: a comparative qualitative case study of a United States multinational corporation

    Haddock-Millar, Julie; Sanyal, Chandana; Müller-Camen, Michael
    This article explores the ways in which a multinational company approaches green human resource management (HRM) in its British, German and Swedish subsidiaries. The authors analyse the similarities and differences in Green HRM approaches in these three European subsidiaries of a US restaurant chain. This enables the comparison of Green HRM practices and behaviours, and considers the factors that influence the subsidiaries in this particular domain. Therefore, this research addresses the current lack of international comparative research in the field of Green HRM. The methodological approach is a multi-case study with 50 participants, using semi-structured interviews and focus groups. The...
    (application/pdf) - 18-oct-2016

  2. Kelsen, the Principle of Exclusion of Contradictions, and General Anti-­Avoidance Rules in Tax Law

    Prebble, John
    The philosopher Hans Kelsen is most famous for his "pure theory of law", expounded in his book of that name. For most of his scholarly life, Kelsen argued that, as part of the pure theory, two norms that contradict one another within the same legal system breach the philosophical principle of exclusion of contradictions and therefore cannot both be valid at the same time. On some occasions he went further and argued that neither of two such norms can be valid. Famously, Kelsen changed to the opposite opinion later in life. Both Kelsen's original and his ultimate positions on the principle...
    (application/pdf) - 05-may-2018

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