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  1. Linguistic Refactoring of Business Process Models

    Pittke, Fabian
    In the past decades, organizations had to face numerous challenges due to intensifying globalization and internationalization, shorter innovation cycles and growing IT support for business. Business process management is seen as a comprehensive approach to align business strategy, organization, controlling, and business activities to react flexibly to market changes. For this purpose, business process models are increasingly utilized to document and redesign relevant parts of the organization's business operations. Since companies tend to have a growing number of business process models stored in a process model repository, analysis techniques are required that assess the quality of these process models in...

  2. Wirtschaftswachstum und die funktionale und persönliche Verteilung von Einkommen - Überblick und neue Erkenntnisse

    Rezai, Armon
    Dieser Beitrag gibt einen Überblick über wissenschaftlich untersuchte den Zusammenhänge zwischen funktionaler und persönlicher (Lohn)Einkommensverteilung, der aggregierten Nachfrage und dem Wirtschaftswachstum. Zudem werden die Ergebnisse einer ökonometrischen Schätzung dieses Zusammenhanges für die USA für die Jahre 1967 - 2010 präsentiert. Aus den theoretischen Überlegungen und empirischen Untersuchungen zeigt sich, dass eine ungleichere Verteilung von Lohneinkommen zu geringerem Wirtschaftswachstum führt und dass bei einer gleicheren Verteilung von Lohneinkommen die Umverteilung hin zu Löhnen generell wachstumsfördernd ist. (author's abstract)

  3. Pluralism in the Market of Science? A citation network analysis of economic research at universities in Vienna.

    Glötzl, Florentin; Aigner, Ernest
    Pluralism has become a central issue not only in the public discourse but also in heterodox economics, as the focus on impact factors and rankings based on citations continues to increase. This marketization of science has been an institutional vehicle for the economic mainstream to promote its ideas. Citations thus have become a central currency in economics as a discipline. At the same time they allow to investigate patterns in the discourse. Analyzing articles published by the two major economics departments and the more interdisciplinary Department for Socioeconomics in Vienna, this paper is novel in applying both bibliometric techniques and citation network...

  4. Trading Places: Power Distributions in participatory research projects as exemplified by security research

    Miko, Katharina; Mayr, Elisabeth
    (no abstract available)

  5. US Monetary Policy in a Globalized World

    Crespo Cuaresma, Jesus; Doppelhofer, Gernot; Feldkircher, Martin; Huber, Florian
    We analyze the interaction between monetary policy in the US and the global economy proposing a new class of Bayesian global vector autoregressive models that accounts for time-varying parameters and stochastic volatility (TVP-SV-GVAR). Our results suggest that US monetary policy responds to shocks to the global economy, in particular to global aggregate demand and monetary policy shocks. On the other hand, US-based contractionary monetary policy shocks lead to persistent international output contractions and a drop in global inflation rates, coupled with rising interest rates in advanced economies and a real depreciation of currencies with respect to the US dollar. We...

  6. Practicing Experts' Views on BEPS: A Critical Analysis

    Eberhartinger, Eva; Petutschnig, Matthias
    In July 2013 the OECD, to tackle multinational tax avoidance, published its Action Plan against base erosion and profit shifting. The Action Plan suggests a variety of legislative and administrative measures to eliminate frictions from interactions between domestic tax laws and international tax treaties, including potential double non-taxation of businesses operating in several countries. By virtue of the OECD's structure, the proposed measures have been designed and developed predominantly by representatives from the tax administrations of OECD member countries. Our research investigates the views and opinions of other stakeholders in this process, namely tax experts from practice. We conduct a conjoint analysis, surveying experts in...

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