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  1. The visual dimension in organizing, organization, and organization research: Core ideas, current developments, and promising avenues

    Meyer, Renate; Höllerer, Markus; Jancsary, Dennis; van Leeuwen, Theo
    With the unprecedented rise in the use of visuals, and its undeniable omnipresence in organizational contexts, as well as in the individual's everyday life, organization and management science has recently started to pay closer attention to the to date under-theorized "visual mode" of discourse and meaning construction. Building primarily on insights from the phenomenological tradition in organization theory and from social semiotics, this article sets out to consolidate previous scholarly efforts and to sketch a fertile future research agenda. After briefly exploring the workings of visuals, we introduce the methodological and theoretical "roots" of visual studies in a number of...
    (application/pdf) - 06-abr-2018

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