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Materials Systems Laboratory

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  1. Materials Availability and the Supply Chain: Risks, Effects, and Responses

    Alonso, Elisa; Field, Frank; Gregory, Jeremy; Kirchain, Randolph
    Supply chain stakeholders should be aware of the stresses that supply chains place on materials use and the vulnerability of the supply base for that material to change. The question of materials availability is an issue that has been addressed many times over the past 200 years by scientists, engineers and economists, and it is an issue with many levels of complexity. This document examines the question of materials vulnerability, or conversely materials availability, from the perspective of a supply chain decision-maker. Specifically, it addresses four elements of this question: (1) Outcomes: What types of changes can be observed in supply chains...
    (839554 bytes; application/pdf) - 23-jun-2010

  2. Appendix 1 for Fuchs and Kirchain's Journal of Lightwave Technology paper, "Process Based Cost Modeling of Photonics Manufacture"

    Fuchs, Erica; Kirchain, Randolph
    These tables summarize the designs studied as part of the Microphotonics Consortium Roadmapping Project and are referenced in Fuchs, E. and Kirchain, R. 2006 "Process Based Cost Modeling of Photonics Manufacture: The Cost-Competitiveness of Monolithic Integration of a 1550nm DFB Laser and Electro-Absorptive Modulator on an InP Platform", Journal of Lightwave Technology, August 2006.
    (298142 bytes; application/pdf) - 23-jun-2010

  3. Automobile Recycling Policy: Findings and Recommendations

    Field, Frank; Ehrenfeld, John; Roos, Dan; Clark, Joel
    Findings and recommendations presented to the Automobitive Board of Governors, World Economic Forum, Davos.
    (469006 bytes; application/pdf) - 23-jun-2010

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