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  1. Aktualisierte Daten für den Non-Profit-Bereich

    Leisch, Robert; Pennerstorfer, Astrid; Schneider, Ulrike
    Zwischen September 2014 und April 2015 führten Statistik Austria und das Institut für Sozialpolitik der Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien nach 2006 eine zweite, auf freiwilliger Basis beruhende Befragung von 2.413 Organisationen aus dem Non-Profit-Bereich durch. Der Produktionswert des gesamten Non-Profit-Bereichs betrug für das Berichtsjahr 2013 etwas über 10,5 Mrd. EUR, die Wertschöpfung ungefähr 7,3 Mrd. EUR, und das Investitionsvolumen lag bei 813 Mio. EUR. Insgesamt waren über 234.000 Personen im Non-Profit-Bereich beschäftigt. 63% der befragten Organisationen gaben an, auch ehrenamtlich Mitarbeitende zu beschäftigen.
    (application/pdf) - 20-sep-2017

  2. Exploring cognitive style and task-specific preferences for process representations

    Figl, Kathrin; Recker, Jan
    Process models describe someone's understanding of processes. Processes can be described using unstructured, semi-formal or diagrammatic representation forms. These representations are used in a variety of task settings, ranging from understanding processes to executing or improving processes, with the implicit assumption that the chosen representation form will be appropriate for all task settings. We explore the validity of this assumption by examining empirically the preference for different process representation forms depending on the task setting and cognitive style of the user. Based on data collected from 120 business school students, we show that preferences for process representation formats vary dependent...
    (application/pdf) - 29-ago-2017

  3. Non-Sequential Search, Competition and Price Dispersion in Retail Electricity

    Gugler, Klaus; Heim, Sven; Liebensteiner, Mario
    We investigate the impact of consumer search and competition on pricing strategies in Germany's electricity retail. We utilize a unique panel dataset on spatially varying search requests at major online price comparison websites to construct a direct measure of search intensity and combine this information with zip code level data on electricity tariffs between 2011 and 2014. The paper stands out by explaining price dispersion by differing pricing strategies of former incumbents and entrant firms, which are distinct in their attributable shares in informed versus uninformed consumers. Our empirical results suggest causal evidence for an inverted U-shape effect of consumer...
    (application/pdf) - 18-oct-2016

  4. Nonlinearities and Parameter Instability in the Finance-Growth Nexus

    Prettner, Catherine
    This paper offers a re-assessment of the finance-growth nexus in a framework that allows to distinguish between short-run versus long-run effects. Our dataset contains information on 45 developed and developing countries over the period 1995-2011. We make use of the integration and cointegration properties of the data, establish a cointegrating relation and derive the long-run elasticities of per capita GDP with respect to employment, the physical capital stock, and financial development. We employ these results to specify an error correction model and assess whether the years of crisis have changed the relationship between finance and growth. (author's abstract)
    (application/pdf) - 18-oct-2016

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