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  1. The frequency of end-user innovation: A re-estimation of extant findings

    Franke, Nikolaus; Schirg, Florian; Reinsberger, Kathrin
    Recent studies have found that large numbers of consumers innovate. In our study, we provide a re-estimation of the figures provided in the extant literature. We do so by conducting a study in which we apply two different methods of data collection: (1) telephone interviews, the method considered most valid in previous research, and (2) personal interviews, which involve much higher effort but induce better individual recollection. Using telephone interviews, we measured a user-innovator frequency of 10.8% in our sample. In stark contrast, personal follow-up interviews resulted in a frequency of 39.7%, indicating a considerable underestimation in extant research. We...
    (application/pdf) - 18-oct-2016

  2. Visualizing association rules in hierarchical groups

    Hahsler, Michael; Karpienko, Radoslaw
    Association rule mining is one of the most popular data mining methods. However, mining association rules often results in a very large number of found rules, leaving the analyst with the task to go through all the rules and discover interesting ones. Sifting manually through large sets of rules is time consuming and strenuous. Although visualization has a long history of making large amounts of data better accessible using techniques like selecting and zooming, most association rule visualization techniques are still falling short when it comes to large numbers of rules. In this paper we introduce a new interactive visualization...
    (application/pdf) - 07-abr-2017

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