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  1. A data mining framework for targeted category promotions

    Reutterer, Thomas; Hornik, Kurt; March, Nicolas; Gruber, Kathrin
    This research presents a new approach to derive recommendations for segment-specific, targeted marketing campaigns on the product category level. The proposed methodological framework serves as a decision support tool for customer relationship managers or direct marketers to select attractive product categories for their target marketing efforts, such as segment-specific rewards in loyalty programs, cross-merchandising activities, targeted direct mailings, customized supplements in catalogues, or customized promotions. The proposed methodology requires cus- tomers' multi-category purchase histories as input data and proceeds in a stepwise manner. It combines various data compression techniques and integrates an opti- mization approach which suggests candidate product categories for segment-specific targeted marketing such that cross-category spillover effects for...
    (application/pdf) - 07-abr-2017

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