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  1. Identifying priority areas for European resource policies: a MRIO-based material footprint assessment

    Giljum, Stefan; Wieland, Hanspeter; Lutter, Franz Stephan; Bruckner, Martin; Wood, Richard; Tukker, Arnold; Stadler, Konstantin
    In the context of the transformation toward a "green economy," issues related to natural resource use have rapidly increased in importance in European and international policy debates. The large number of studies applying economy-wide material flow analysis so far mostly produced aggregated national indicators, making the results difficult to connect to policies, which are often designed for single sectors or consumption areas. This paper provides a detailed assessment of the composition of EU's material footprint in its global context, aiming at identifying the main product groups contributing to overall material consumption and specifying the geographical sources for the raw materials...
    (application/pdf) - 18-oct-2016

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