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  1. Detecting flight trajectory anomalies and predicting diversions in freight transportation

    Di Ciccio, Claudio; van der Aa, Han; Cabanillas Macias, Cristina; Mendling, Jan; Prescher, Johannes
    Timely identifying flight diversions is a crucial aspect of efficient multi-modal transportation. When an airplane diverts, logistics providers must promptly adapt their transportation plans in order to ensure proper delivery despite such an unexpected event. In practice, the different parties in a logistics chain do not exchange real-time information related to flights. This calls for a means to detect diversions that just requires publicly available data, thus being independent of the communication between different parties. The dependence on public data results in a challenge to detect anomalous behavior without knowing the planned flight trajectory. Our work addresses this challenge by...
    (application/pdf) - 29-oct-2016

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