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  1. A resource-efficient and sufficient future mobility system for improved well-being in Europe

    Kammerlander, Moritz; Schanes, Karin; Hartwig, Franziska; Jäger, Jill; Omann, Ines; O'Keeffe, Michelle
    A transformation of our current transport system and individual mobility behaviour is an essential pre-requisite for attaining a desirable future that enables a life within environmental boundaries ("safe operating space") and higher well-being at the same time. Accordingly, this paper focuses on the potentials of a resource-saving, sustainable transport system with reduced, but still satisfactory, mobility. To achieve the vision of resource-efficiency in Europe, a new understanding of mobility is needed: "the mode of travel is the reward of the journey", meaning that it is not about travelling fastest and frequently, but unhurried (easy-going), infrequently and sustainably. We describe a...
    (application/pdf) - 18-oct-2016

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